Daco Skyline Boeing 737 Kits are In Stock

Daco Skyline produced a fresh run of their outstanding 1/144 scale Boeing 737-300, 737-400 and 737-500 kits, and re-released them with high quality decals (the earlier releases had no decal included).  These kits are highly detailed, and are the most accurate kits of these aircraft available.

  • SKY144-03B Boeing 737-300, Western Pacific ‘The Simpsons’sky144-03b-boeing-737-300-wp-simpsons-box-w
  • SKY144-04B Boeing 737-400, Brussels Airlinessky144-04b-boeing-737-400-brussels-airlines-box-88-w
  • SKY144-05B Boeing 737-500, Air Baltic ‘Painted Ladies’sky144-05b-boeing-737-500-air-baltic-box-w

Each kit includes a highly detailed decal, however Daco Skyline’s etch brass detail frets are not included.   Also, the decal provided in the Air Baltic 737-500 is not quite as illustrated on the kit box.


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