Fly Models 1/144 Scale DC-9 kits

I have started to re-stock the Fly Models 1/144 scale DC-9 kits.  In stock are the following

  • FLY14412 Douglasfly-14418-dc-9-10-douglas-w DC-9-40, DHL (with extra -30 fuselage)
  • FLY14418 Douglas DC-9-10, Douglas Aircraft Corp. (with extra -30 fuselage)
  • FLY14424 Douglas DC-9-40, Ozark (with extra -30 fuselage)
  • FLY14427 Douglas DC-9-10, Baltic International Airlines (with extra -30 fuselage)

In addition, we have the following fly-14418-dc-9-10-wolder releases:

  • FLY14401 Douglas DC-9-30, Firebird II
  • FLY14405 Douglas VC-9C (DC-9-30), United States of America
  • FLY14406 Douglas DC-9-30, DHL

We expect to add more of these kits in the coming months.  Stay tuned!


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