Airline Hobby Supplies is your one stop source for airliner model building supplies, including kits, decals, resin and metal accessory parts, and more.

A Little History

I started AHS in the 80’s to bring items I had found to friends in the Toronto (Canada) area.  With some guidance from a few good friends already making airliner decals, I started to produce decals with a Canadian flavour, eventually producing 80 different sets across the popular airliner scales.  My catalog continued to grow.  Then with the arrival of the internet and the ability to reach suppliers and customers world wide, our breadth of inventory exploded, and has continued to grow to the levels you see today.

I relocated to Arizona in 2001, and AHS continued to grow.   In 2005 came a family issue, that by the time it was resolved, a printed Airline Modeller was no longer a financially feasible proposition, and so after 29 issues, publication ceased.

In 2006, I introduced the estore that served for the next 6 1/2 years.  The limitations of the software behind the estore became more of an issue over time,.  Then, a conversation with a colleague got me thinking about a new system, and here we are!

So What is AHS About?

AHS is a one person operation, operated as a home based business.  As such, we strive to keep abreast of all that is happening in our hobby, to bring quality products to our virtual shelves at reasonable prices, then to fill your orders as quickly as we can.

Contacting AHS

It can be difficult to reach me by phone, as my office hours vary every day.  Please, if you get my answering service, leave a message.  Please do not repeatedly call back.  When you do so, each hang up uses up one of my limited number of message slots, and working through a series of hang-ups can be very annoying.    The best way to reach me is by email, to airlinehobby@cox.net, with a clear and concise message that includes yor name, and if applicable, your order number.  I will reply to you as quickly as I can, please allow me 48 hours to do so.


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  1. Ed Pascuzzi says:

    Great new website Russell!

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