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Revell Germany RV5686 Boeing 747-100 Prototype

They’re en route ! To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the prototype Boeing 747-100, Revell Germany has released their kit with markings for this aircraft.  The early series 100 aircraft all flew with the Pratt & … Continue reading

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Revell Germany Airbus A.321NEO and A.321NEO kits are getting closer!

Revell Germany is inching closer to releasing their long anticipated Airbus A.320NEO and A.321NEO kits, with information finally on their web site. The A.320NEO (kit RV3942) will consist of 51 parts, some 9 fewer than their A.320CEO kits (Current Engine … Continue reading

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Revell’s New Release Plans for 2019

One of the first emails I received in 2019 was from Revell Germany, announcing their planned 2019 kit releases.  No dates were provided, and they do not currently show up on their web site.  Here is the list, in no … Continue reading

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A Short History of Revell, and Where the Company Stands Today

Revell got its start in the U.S. in the early 1940’s, starting as a toy manufacturer, and eventually transforming into plastic kits.  In 1956, a subsidiary was formed in Germany known as Revell Plastics GmbH.  It operated very independently from … Continue reading

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New Product Announcements, week ending March 10th 2018

First, DRAW Decal released two new airliner decals this week: DW44-DC9-018A  DW20-DC9-018A  Allegiant Air McDD MD80 ‘Travel is our Deal’ DW44-737-169  DW20-737-169  Air Canada (2017 cs) Boeing 737-MAX8 The Air Canada decal is included in a newly released Welsh Models … Continue reading

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Revell Germany 1/72 scale DHC-6 Twin Otter Arrives

The latest 1/72 scale release of the Revell Germany DHC-6 Twin Otter arrived at AHS today.  It is kit RV3954, and comes with markings for the Swiss Federal Office of Topography (SwissTopo). The kit has been absent from the Revell … Continue reading

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Revell Germany 1/72 Scale Douglas C.54

The new 1/72 scale Douglas C.54 (DC-4) has arrived, and if the pre-release photos were mouth watering, the actual kit is beyond expectations.  It features incredible detail, inside and out.  It will be interesting to see how much of it is … Continue reading

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