Zvezda’s Plans for 2021

I was recently sent an email with an image of a page from Zvezda’s 2021 catalog. It shows 5 new airliner kits…. one I know will be in high demand.

I suspect the An.225 will be licensed releases of the recent Revell Germany kit…. but then perhaps not. After all, Zvezda did produce their own 747-8I mould.

The Airbus narrowbodies while duplicating recent Revell releases, are most likely new moulds.

The A.350 is undoubtedly a new fuselage and landing gear moulds paired with their existing wing, tail, engine moulds from their previously released A.350-1000. Will be interesting to see if they modify the wings, as they are the same span, but 40cm less chord, giving an area 22 square meters smaller.

As more details become available, I will post news here, and will add the kits to my estore as release dates get a little closer. Now, how many 757’s am I going to be building??

  • ZVE-7032 Boeing 757-200
  • ZVE-7035 Antonov An.225
  • ZVE-7037 Airbus A.320NEO
  • ZVE-7039 Airbus A.350-900
  • ZVE-7040 Airbus A.321CEO

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New Product Announcements, week ending November 30th 2020

We have new decal releases this week from 26 Decals and from DRAW decals.

26 Decals has now released their Fred Olsen Douglas DC-6A decal in 1/72 scale, joining their previously released 1/144 scale sheet. This was followed by a Hawker Siddely 748 decal for the Mark 1 kit, and a decal for Pacific Southwest Airlines and their Bae 146-200 fleet.

DRAW Decal continues to expand their airliner decal range. This week we have a pair of new Airbus decals:

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Our Latest Welsh Models Arrivals

I had a shipment arrive from Welsh Models last week. Included are the following recent new releases:

  • WSL-473R Douglas DC-7B, Eastern Airlines
  • WSL-489P Fairchild Fh.227C, Ozark Airlines (vac/resin kit)
  • WSL-490R Fairchild Fh.227C, Ozark Airlines (all resin kit)
  • WSL-499R Douglas DC-7B, Pan American (reverse tail cs)
  • WMJA72/20 Airbus A.320 (IAE V2500 engines), JetBlue
  • WCLS72/35 Boeing 727-100, Northeast Airlines
  • WMT-061P Lockheed EC.121N Constellation: US Navy
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New Product Announcements, week ending November 14th 2020

We have new releases this week from DRAW Decal and from 8ADecs.

DRAW Decal has released three new airliner sets this week.

8ADecs has released 5 new sets, all available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:

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New Product Announcements, week ending November 7th 2020

Scale Aircraft Composites (SAC) has released a set of white metal landing gear for the Revell A.320NEO and A.321NEO kits. We can now install gear on the A.320NEO!

  • SAC1​4435 Landing Gear for Revell A.320NEO and A.321 NEO

DRAW Decal has released the following new decals:

26Decals has announced the following new decals as “At the Printer”:

  • STS72-015 Canadian Armed Forces C.130E Hercules

The following recent 26Decal is in stock:

  • STS44-377 British Airways (retro cs) Boeing 757-200

The following 26Decals have been re-printed and are in stock:

  • STS44-131A British Airways (Negus cs) Boeing 747-200 / -400, Cargo B747-200F
  • STS44-229 Royal Air Force Vickers VC-10 C1 / C1K
  • STS44-329 British Airways (Landor cs) Boeing 747-400
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New Product Announcements, week ending November 1st 2020

26Decals – Status of their Laser Decals

First up, I have now received two shipments from 26Decals in the last 4 weeks, both containing significant re-stocks of their laser printed decals. Another is on its way.

I am updating all my 26Decals laser decals to show them as available again and to update pricing, as 26 has implemented a one pound price increase to almost all sets partially offset by a better US$ to pound exchange rate.

I am also updating product numbers for all the 1/144 scale laser decals. Recently 26 celebrated going through the ‘1,000’ mark, which was causing weird issues with sorting by product number. So, one by one, I am updating all the 1/144 sheets to a 4 digit number (I’m hoping I’ll never have to repeat this for the rest of the scales!).

So, for example, sheet TS44-899 (Braniff International DC-8) is now TS44-0899. I am adding both my old code (TS44-899) and 26’s code (144-899 for this sheet) in the “Description” field, which should help locate the decal if using the “Search” function. So far I’ve done all sheets from TS44-0650 (aka TS44-650 or 144-650) up, the rest I will continue to work on as time permits. So if there is a sheet you want, that my site won’t allow you to order, please email and I’ll fix the problem asap. With a few exceptions, all laser sheets are available (some have been discontinued for technical reasons).

On with this week’s new releases:

DRAW Decal has released the following new and updated decals:

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New Product Announcements, week ending October 25th 2020

The new releases this week kick off with new sheets for the 1/144 scale ATR42 and the 1/144 scale DC-9-51 kits from DRAW Decal:

8ADecs has released 8 new 1/144 scale decals for the Mark 1 Models HS.748 kit (which we will have in stock shortly!).

  • 8A144-650 Servicios Aeros Especiales (SAE) HS.748

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New Product Announcements, week ending October 18th 2020

With the return of the 26Decals laser series, the following new laser decals have been released and are available to order.

Additionally, all older sets can also be ordered – most are in stock, but some I have still not “unblocked” from ordering. So, if there is a 26decal sheet you need, and my site won’t let you order it, please send me an email and I’ll fix it for you. Unblocking, as changing the 1/144 scale laser series to a 4 digit product code is a manual, and very time consuming process. I try to do some every day, but still with more than 800 to work through, it is going to take a while.

DRAW Decal is reorganising their Boeing 747 “Windows and Details” decals (sheet 747-018) adding new elements to the decals, and to more closely align with specific 747 versions. Additional releases are planned for other 747 versions.

For the 747-100 and -200B, the decal is available in 5 scales.

The decals for the 747-300 and 400 (and 200SUD) are available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.

DRAW has added another set for a DHL partner airline Boeing 747-400BCF:

And, another choice for your Revell Airbus A.350-900 kit:

8ADecs has released three new decals in 1/144 and 1/200 scales this week:

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New Product Announcements, week ending October 11th 2020

DRAW Decal has released decals for the Braniff Airbus A.320 fleet. The A.320 fleet was delivered to the second “Braniff”, and 10 were painted, 5 were delivered, and 2 went into service before this iteration also declared bankruptcy.

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26Decals Will be Re-Stocked

A year ago, 26Decals announced that they were discontinuing their excellent series of laser printed decals affective November 1st 2019. Ray was starting a new full time position, and did not believe he would have the free time to properly support the laser decals. Then, in the spring of 2020, he announced he was bringing them back, though he would still not be selling to other retailers. He has continued to produce new artwork, and has added some interesting new decals.

Well, Good News! He has agreed to resume selling them to me, and in fact my first shipment left the UK today. With it, I am stocking all the new laser decals released this year, along with a selection to start re-stocking his previous releases. Also in the package are all the new Screen Printed (STS) decals announced previously.

All told, there are 58 new 1/144 scale, 2 new 1/100 scale, and 9 new 1/72 scale laser decals on their way. They have all been added to the estore and are available to order.

Here is a link that will bring you to a page in the estore that lists them all. Some sheet number have, as of yet, not been used, these show as “Not Allocated” in the list. Perhaps one day we will see what Ray has in the works using these numbers.

Also…. 26Decals has now passed the 1,000 mark in their 1/144 scale laser printed decals. In order to keep “sort order” working correctly, I am changing all 26Decals 1/144 scale decal numbers to 4 digits. Hence what was TS44-912 is now TS44-0912. This will take a while to complete (each one has to be re-numbered manually), so if you are searching for a 26Decal decal by number, you might want to search by both the 3 digit and 4 digit product number.

26Decals Latest Releases

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