New Product Announcements, week ending March 29th 2020

We received a small re-stock shipment from Welsh Models this week.  Included are two recent releases:

  • WCLS72/28 Bae 146-200, Pacific Southwest Airlines



  • WSL-450P Lockheed 1649 Starliner, Trans World Airlines


DRAW Decal released the a set for the Northwest Airlines Douglas DC-9-14/15 in four scales:


DW44-C17-023​ DW72-C17-0​23 USAF North Carolina ANG  McDD C17 Globemaster III


26Decals has released the following two new screen printed decals to fit the recently released Zvezda Airbus A.350-1000 kit:




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New Product Announcements, week ending March 22nd 2020

I hope that you and your families are safe, and doing all you can to remain free of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Carolynn and I are well, remaining home as much as we can, and doing our best to “social distance” when we do have to venture out.   Sure wish folks out there had a clue what “6 feet” means !

DRAW Decal has announced the following new set in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:


8ADecs has released four new sets, all in 1/144 scale:

  • 8A144​-592 American Airlines (ex Reno Air cs) McDD MD80 / 87 / 90






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New Product Announcements, week ending March 15th 2020

Not a lot to announce this week….

DRAW Decal has released the following new sets in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:



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Covid-19 and AHS

First and foremost, I hope this message finds you and your family well, and coping with the new world we find ourselves sharing.  While we cannot predict exactly how the Covid-19 pandemic will progress, there are things we can do individually.

At the time I am writing this, air travel is being severely curtailed, especially internationally, and in parts of the world most affected by Covid-19.  While the post office remains open, I will continue to ship orders.  I am supporting my suppliers by placing orders with them to add their new items, and to restock the items I have recently sold.  Two inbound orders are supposed to leave the UK today, and as long as there are aircraft still flying the Atlantic, they should arrive at the end of the week.  Together we can keep our hobby flourishing, our suppliers in business.  Perhaps too a chance for those of us now “working from home” and saving all that commute time, we can reduce our personal stockpiles of unbuilt kits!

Besides AHS, I also operate a mobile automotive electronics repair service.  While I am keeping both businesses open. effective today I am limiting my days on the road to three a week, and I have already stepped up my hand washing and “social distancing” practices.   My wife and I are doing everything we can to avoid infection, avoiding large gatherings, limiting placing ourselves in so-called risky situations.  I have a feeling we will be eating in a lot more, and Netflix is going to see a lot of our attention!

To paraphrase what I heard on a TV show this morning, we should focus our attention on the most reliable sources of news and advice.  We should listen to the scientists and doctors – they are the best informed, the most knowledgeable, can give us the best recommendations to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) have and are sharing the best information.  Please take what you hear from our politicians with a huge grain of salt – too many of them are still in denial, are ignoring the facts, and are making useless comments that are not helpful.   Be careful which news organizations you listen to – some have it right, some do not.   Last but not to minimize this, we will survive.  For most of us this is the flu, for some and especially those of us advancing in age, or with underlying health issues, this could be a lot more serious.   By following our medical services advice, we can keep ourselves free of this virus and out of the clinics and hospitals, freeing those resources for those among us who need it most.  Please take care of yourself and your loved ones, and help your neighbours as you can.  We will get through this.

So….  stay safe, stay well, this too shall pass.   Apologies that I cannot help with supplies of T-P and hand sanitizer, but the AHS shelves are well stocked with kits, decals, resin and etch parts.  With my extra time at home I should be able to get your order out quickly.

Stay Safe !


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New Product Announcements, week ending March 8th 2020

DRAW Decal has released the following new decal for the Douglas DC-8-71F in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:


DRAW Decal has updated their Qatar Airways (Royal Flight) Airbus A.340-500 decal with the latest larger tail logo:


Vintage Flyer has continued their series of movie themed decals with the release of two sets for Trans Global Airlines of ‘Airport’ fame.  A Boeing 707-320C was leased from Flying Tigers and repainted in full Trans Global colours for the movie, while the 747 appears on a poster in the background of a scene.




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New Product Announcements, week ending February 29th 2020

DRAW Decal has released the following new 1/144 and 1/200 scale decals:


8ADecs has released the following five new 1/144 scale decals:



  • 8A144-589 Air France ’75 Years’ Airbus A.320


  • 8A144-590 Avianca Columbia ‘retro’ Airbus A.320


  • 8A144-591 Uganda Airlines Canadair CRJ-900


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New Product Announcements, week ending February 22nd 2020

DRAW Decal released their Delta Airbus A.321 decal updated to include the large red “THANK YOU” lettering worn by N391DN.  On the real thing, the red letters are made up of the names of every current Delta employee (apparently about 90,000) as a tribute to their daily support for the airline.



8ADecs released five new 1/144 scale decals this week, with four also released in 1/200 scale:









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New Product Announcements, week ending February 1st 2020

A busy week for new decal releases, with new items from DRAW Decal, 8ADecs and 26Decals.

DRAW Decal has released the following new decal in 1/144, 1/200 and 1/125 scales:


8ADecs has announced the following new 1/144 and 1/200 scale decals:


  • 8A144-580 THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9


  • 8A144-581 Iberia Regional Air Nostrum Canadair CRJ900


26 Decals has announced the following new 1/144 scale screen printed decals.  They are “at the printers”, and are expected in stock mid March 2020.







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Derek Pennington, 1934 – 2020

I have just learned that a good friend of mine, Derek Pennington, passed away on Jan 17th 2020.  Those of you who once subscribed to Airline Modeller will, I am sure, remember Derek’s excellent model build articles.  The models looked great in the photographs, and I can assure you even better in person.   I remember in particular the 1/48 scale DC-3 he built and finished in the striking yellow Austin Airways scheme.  Derek was an excellent modeller, and a good friend.


The following is the announcement posted in the Toronto Star….

PENNINGTON, DEREK HUGH We will always remember Derek after a life lived with passion, laughter and love. On January 17, 2020, shortly before his 86th birthday, he left Raquel Baranyai, his life partner for the last 34 years, step-daughters, Adriana, Nora and Patricia Baranyai, their spouses, Doug Quinn, Francisco Nogueras and Kevin Conroy and his beloved grandchildren, Oliver and Hailey Conroy. Derek was born in London, England falling in love with aircraft as a young child, which took him to join the Royal Air Force as a “Boy Entrant” at the age of 15. A passion for History and Geography spearheaded the view of his future life, finding further enjoyment in photography and amateur stage theatre. As a new Canadian at the age of 30, pursuing his strongest interests, he got started the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS), Toronto Chapter, as its President, actively remaining at the helm for 12 years. He made many friends sharing his love of aircraft with a growing number of enthusiastic modellers. There will not be a funeral service, but IPMS members and friends will host a Celebration of Derek’s Life. The date will be communicated by them accordingly.

Published in the Toronto Star on Jan. 24, 2020

Rest in Peace, Derek!

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New Product Announcements, week ending January 25th 2020

The new 1/144 scale Zvezda Airbus A.350-1000 kit is here!


DRAW Decal has released the following new 1/144 scale decals for the new Zvezda Airbus A.350-1000 kit.  They are also available in 1/200 scale for use with a re-finished snap together model.









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