New Product Announcements, week ending June 8th 2019

TwoSix has announced the following new decals as “at the printer”.  Eta in stock mid July.

  • STS44-330 Overseas National DC-8-32 (Bicentennial cs) “Independence”


  • STS44-331 Overseas National DC-8-21 (Bicentennial cs) “Confederate”


  • STS44-332 Braniff ‘Calder’ Douglas DC-8-62


8ADecs has released three new 1/144 scale decals for the Canadair CRJ-200.  While designed for the BPK kit, they should fit the Welsh Models resin kit as well.


  • 8A144​-526 Iberia Regional / Air Nostrum Canadair CRJ-200




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HAWK (by Round2 LLC) Dh.106 Comet 4 Kit

Round 2 LLC is a US based company that now owns the rights and moulds to Hawk, AMT, Lindberg and a few other kit brands that have long since disappeared.  They have recently re-released the Hawk Dh.106 Comet 4 kit as HL512-12.


The kit itself is advertised as 1/144 scale, and is moulded in white styrene plastic with a clear cockpit piece.  I’ve not measured it, so cannot comment further on the accuracy of the dimensions.

The kit features a cabin interior, complete with seats and passengers, that can be seen by opening a 4 1/3″ long hatch in the port side of the fuselage.  Also included is a fuel tanker truck, air conditioner trolley, and an airport passenger bus.

Now….  look carefully at the box art.  See anything not quite right?  “BOCA” ???

It seems to avoid any trademark issues, Round2 made a few deliberate mistakes in the decal artwork and on the box.   It’s not a question of the original decal artists, but rather with British Airways and Mobil.  So, “BOAC” became “BOCA”, Mobilgas became “Mobile gas”, “G-ANLO” became “G-ALNO” and the BOAC “Speedbird” got slightly re-interpreted.


It should be noted that G-ANLO was in fact the only airworthy Comet 3 (a second ground test airframe was built but never flew).   As the Comet 3 and Comet 4 shared the same dimensions, the kit can be used to build either.  The 4B had a longer fuselage and shorter wings.  The 4C combined the longer fuselage of the 4B with the original wings of the 4, and added additional “slipper” fuel tanks extending from the leading edge of the wings.

A useful kit – though other than BOAC, only Aerolineas Argentinas (6) and East African Airways (3) ordered the series 4.  All surviving Comet 4 (and 4B and 4C) airframes were ultimately purchased and operated by Dan Air London (or used for spares).   The Dan Air aircraft flew in their early “white tail” scheme.

TS44-497 East African Airways


STS44-231 Dan Air London


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New Product Announcements, week ending May 25th 2019

Some interesting new decals to announce this week:

DRAW Decal announced a new C-17A Globemaster decal in 1/144 and 1/72 scales:


TwoSix announced a new decal for the McDD MD80 in 1/144 scale:

  • TS44-937 Danish Air Transport McDD MD80


8ADecs announced four new 1/144 scale decals:

  • 8A144-521 CSA Czech Airlines Airbus A.310-300


  • 8A144-522 Bombardier C-Series 100, Bombardier “FTV1”





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Leonardo Prado Simoes, 1974 – 2019

This week I received the sad news that on May 17th 2019 Leonardo Prado Simoes, the owner of LPS Hobby in Brazil has passed.

Leonardo produced a range of decals focusing primarily on Brazilian subjects, but with other very interesting aircraft as well.  Just this week I received my order of his most recent releases.  As always, good subjects, well printed.

AHS extends our condolences to his family and friends.  RIP Leonardo.


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Clearance Sale for older Vintage Flyer Decals

Some time ago, Vintage Flyer changed their print process, introducing what they describe as Digital Precision Silkscreen 2 (DPS2), replacing their previous laser print process.  At the time I had considerable stocks of the older decals, which I continued to offer identified as “-X” sheet numbers.

The primary improvement offered by the DPS2 sheets is the ability to overlay colours more accurately, eliminating the need to print white “masking” elements as separately printed and applied decals.   The artwork and color accuracy of the older decals were never an issue, they are excellent decals.

The change-over to “DPS2” occured at at sheet 97 (the Braniff Convair 340), all sheets after this one are only available as DPS2.  So the “pre-DPS2” sheets are sheet 001 (Western Airlines 737-200) up to 096 (Pan American L.1049 Super Constellation).

I have slightly changed the product codes for these older decals, with the objective to make them easier to locate.  The DPS2 versions of Vintage Flyer decals will continue to be identified by “VFDxxx-yyy” sheet numbers (where the xxx identifies the scale, yyy identifies the decal), and the older sheets by “VFXxxx-yyy” sheet numbers.

This week I have completed a full inventory of these remaining decals, and have further reduced their prices.  I have updated the estore with quantities of each remaining.  If you can add it to a cart, it is in stock.  Once sold out, I will be deleting the “VFX” sheets from my site.

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New Product Announcements, week ending May 18th 2019

New this week:

8ADecs released three new 1/144 scale sheets in their Delta Airlines collection, all for the iconic “widget” scheme.

  • 8A144-518 Delta Airlines Douglas DC-9-10 / -30 / McDD MD88


  • 8A144-519 Delta Airlines Boeing 727-100 / -200




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Latest Releases from fündekals

fündekals has released their next batch of screen printed decals for the new 1/144 scale Zvezda Ilyushin 76 kit.  These decals are designed by Jennings Heilig of Liveries Unlimited fame, and printed by Cartograf, so you know both the art and print quality of these decals will be superb.  Released are:

  • FunD44-006 PLAAF China United Airlines Ilyushin 76
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New Product Announcements, week ending May 11th 2019

First, DRAW Decal released the following new 1/144, 1/200 and 1/72 scale decals this week:




I missed announcing the following new releases by 8ADecs in 1/144 and 1/200 scales last week……


  • 8A144-517 United Airlines (2019 cs) Boeing 737-800



I received a shipment from Welsh Models this week.  In addition to the kits needed to complete orders and to replenish stocks, I added the following to the AHS estore:


  • WSL-390P Boeing 767-0200, American Airlines









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New Product Announcements, week ending May 4th 2019

DRAW Decal has released the following new decals in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:





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New Product Announcements, week ending April 20th 2019

DRAW Decal released a new sheet for the All Nippon Boeing 737-800, and updated the rest of their ANA 737 decals adding the latest “Inspiration of Japan” titles.


The following decals sets have been updated:



8ADecs has released the following two new 1/144 scale decals:



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