New Product Announcements, week ending May 19th 2018

TwoSix has released a new 1/144 scale decal:


LPS Decal has released four new decals:

8ADecs has released four new 1/144 scale sheets.

  • 8A144-453 Lufthansa (2017 cs) Airbus A.319 / A.320 / A.320
  • 8A144-454 Policia Federale Boeing 727-200
  • 8A144-455 Fuerza Aerea Mexicana Cl.605 Challenger
  • 8A144-456 Armada de Mexico Cl.605 Challenger


In addition, I have stocks of a few 8ADecs in 1/200 that were previously released in 1/144.  The images shown are 1/144 scale, the 1/200 scale sheets are similar.

  • 8A200-432   Southwest ‘California One’ Boeing 737-700 (image shown 1/144)
  • 8A200-ST-001  Boeing 787 Details Decal





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Revell Germany 1/72 Scale Concorde Kit

A recent kit release that my distributor failed to mention, and I missed, is the release of the Airfix 1/72 scale Concorde model under the Revell Germany brand, as kit RV4997.  While this kit has its challenges to build, especially getting the moving nose cone to operate properly, once completed it is an impressive model of this magnificent aircraft.


The decal sheet was designed by Daco, for a British Airways aircraft.  A lot of the extra “details” are provided, including decals for the cockpit instrument panel and flight engineer’s panels.

There are a number of excellent “build” articles for this (or the Airfix, or Heller) kit on the BritModeller web site, here are links to a couple of them:

There are a few optional extras available for this kit.

DRAW Decal produces a British Airways sheet (DW72-CONC-001) and a “details” sheet (DW72-CONC-002).   TwoSix produces a sheet (TS72-016) for the Singapore Airlines Concorde.  This aircraft featured the Singapore scheme on the left side, and British Airways scheme on the right side.

Finally, ExtraTech has produced an etch brass set EX-72168, though at the moment it is unavailable.

EX-72168 BAC Sud Concorde-912

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New Product Announcements, week ending May 5th 2018

May already?  “Tempus Fugit….”

First up, Vintage Flyer released three new sets for the Boeing 727-100, in 1/144 and 1/72 scales:

VFD-252 United 727 ProfileVFD-253 Piedmont 727 ProfileVFD-254 Pacific 727-100 Profile


TwoSix has sent four new sheets in their screen printed series to the printer, depicting four Pakistan International aircraft in their 1980’s colours.

  • STS44-307 Pakistan International Boeing 707-320C
  • STS44-308 Pakistan International Boeing 720B
  • STS44-309 Pakistan International Boeing 747-200B
  • STS44-310 Pakistan International McDD DC-10-30

8ADecs has released three new 1/144 scale sheets:

Last but certainly not least, DRAW Decal released a new set depicting a special livery worn by a Sunwings Canada Boeing 737-800 to celebrate a charter that took winners of a competition to Ireland in late 2016.  Sponsored by Jameson Breweries, the 737 wore their titles and logo for the flights.  The decal is available in 1/144 scale for the Revell or Zvezda kits, and 1/200 for the Hasegawa kit.

DW44-737-070J  DW20-737-070J  Sunwings ‘Jameson’ Boeing 737-800


These can be ordered now, and will be mailed on to you as soon as they arrive.

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New Product Announcements, week ending April 28th 2018

DRAW Decals released two new decals this week.  One a “Flights of Fancy” Pan Am Airbus A.350-900, the second a Boeing 737-MAX8 sheet for WestJet Canada, both in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.





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New Product Announcements, week ending April 21st 2018

A very thin week, with no airliner decal announcements from the four major decal makers.  However we can still find some news….

An interesting release from Zvezda that should be here soon is the 1/144 scale Tupolev 204-100 as kit ZVE-7023, in the colours of the Russian airline Red Wings.  The kit was previously released as an ‘exclusive’ to the Russian Post Office in their colours (and molded in bright blue plastic!).  After market decals are already available from 8ADecs for Cubana (8A144-445) and Cubana Cargo (8A144-446).


The latest info from our Zvezda importer regarding the Boeing 737-MAX8 kit (ZVE-7026) is that it is expected “4th Quarter 2018”.  We will keep you informed as news is received.

DRAW Decal did announce the release of two new P.51 Mustang sets, both in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 scales.  DWxx-P51-85 is a P.51D “Janie”, a U.K. based Mustang that unfortunately was involved in a serious accident in 2016.   DWxx-P51-86 is also a P.51D in the very colorful “Miss America” scheme that N991R wore at Oshkosh in 1998.

As we expand our coverage of 8ADecs extensive decal line-up, I have ordered our first batch of their “photo real” cockpit and cabin window sets.  These decals go beyond lowered window shades and drawn curtains to also include faces visible in both cockpit and cabin windows.  A caution with their use is that 8ADecs recommends they be used “only on light colored surfaces”.  The lineup includes


















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New Product Announcements, week ending April 14th 2018

A lot of news this week, with new decal releases from DRAW Decal, TwoSix, and 8ADecs,  and another welcome series of kit & decal releases by TwoSix,

First, DRAW Decals has been busy with new and updated decal releases.  New airliner releases are:


DRAW updated their KLM 747 sheet for the early scheme by adding full stripes, and a host of other detail updates.  Rather than all on one sheet, the scheme is now offered on three separate sheets, depending on which version of the 747 you wish to build.

DRAW also announced two P.51 Mustang decals this week.  DWxx-P51-84 is a P.51D in WW2 era USAAF markings named “Short Fuse Sally”, while DWxx-P51-85 is a P.51D named “Janie”.  Both are available in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.

TwoSix announced a new decal…

  • TS44-892 Sterling Airlines Lockheed L.188 Electra


…  and another kit and decal combination featuring the Roden Boeing 720B kit packaged with a TwoSix laser printed decal.


8ADecs has announced three new decals:

In addition, two older sets are now available in 1/100 scale for the Tamiya kit:


Finally, I have expanded my range of 8ADecs decal offerings to include their wing panel and general detail decal sheets.  Now in stock are:





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New Product Announcements, week ending April 7th 2018

A much busier week for new airliner decals…

First, TwoSix announced one new laser printed decal in 1/144 scale:

  • TS44-890  Middle East Airlines (final cs) Boeing 720B


On the subject of TwoSix….  I am down to just three left of the TwoSix branded L.1011 Tristar 200 kits (the Eastern Express kits boxed with a TS decal).  With the decals I have left I can put together any three of the following four options:

TwoSix has no plans to release any further Tristar 100, 200 or 500 kits.

8ADecs released three new 1/144 scale laser printed decal sheets this week:

Vintage Flyer announced three new Boeing 737-200 decals, each in 1/144, 1/100, 1/200 and 1/72 scales.

Finally, DRAW Decal announced one new airliner set.


DRAW also released another P.51 Mustang decal.  Sheet DWxx-P51-83 is a P.51R Mustang ‘Precious Metal’, a Rolls Royce Griffon powered Mustang that raced the Reno Air Races.

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New Product Announcements, week ending March 31st 2018

Another quiet week….  again only news is that DRAW Decal released two new sets this week.

In addition, DRAW released another in their series of P.51 Mustang decals.  Sheet DWxx-P51-082 is for an ex Bolivian Air Force P.51D Mustang, as painted when first imported to Canada as “What’s Up Doc?”.

TwoSix’s previously announced Court Line BAC 1-11, BEA and Dan Air Comet screen printed decals are back from the printer, and now available.  They are:

  • STS44-282 British European Airlines Dh.106 Comet 4B (“red square” cs)
  • STS44-300 Court Line (yellow cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-301 Court Line (pink cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-302 Court Line (turquoise cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-303 Court Line (lilac cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-306 Dan Air London Dh.106 Comet 4B and 4C

Sheet STS44-299 for the Royal Aircraft Establishment Vickers VC-10 is already in stock.


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New Product Announcements, week ending March 24th 2018

A quiet week….  only new is that DRAW Decal released two new sets this week.

Both sets are available to order.



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New Product Announcements, week ending March 17th 2018

New items this week from 8ADecs, DRAW Decal, Welsh Models….

First, 8ADecs released five new decals this week.


DRAW Decal released a P.51 Mustang decal in the usual 5 scales.  Sheet DWxx-P51-081 is for a P-51D in the markings of “Candyman / Moose”, a UK based aircraft that appeared in the 1990 movie ‘Memphis Belle’.   It is available by special order in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 scales.

A shipment arrived from Welsh Models yesterday, items new to my site include:

  • WSL-293V Boeing 747SP, Pan Am
  • WSL-295R Embraer 135, Continental Express
  • WSL-296P Douglas DC-8-32 Pan Am
  • WSL-298R Canadair CRJ-200, Delta Connection, Comair
  • WSL-326V Boeing 747SP, Trans World Airlines
  • WSL-329V Boeing 747SP, Pan Am (billboard cs)

These kits are on our web site and available to order.

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