26 Decals Ceases Laser Decal Production

As reported earlier, 26Decals has announced, effective October 31st 2019, that they will no longer be offering their laser decals for sale.

Reasons given are to free up more time for other projects.

This means that all “TS” series decals are now in very short supply.  Leading up to this deadline, I placed orders for about 800 sheets to increase my stocks of the more popular subjects.  My last shipment arrived from 26 on Tuesday December 3rd, and is being placed into stock this week.   I will then be performing a full “inventory count” this weekend, and will update my estore as quickly as I can to reflect the numbers.  However as the range covered well over 1200 decals, clearly I could not cover everything, or in large numbers.  My crystal ball wasn’t working very well, and as a consequence some decals are already sold out.

On behalf of myself and all customers, “Thanks Ray” for the work you did to bring us this decal series.  Your subjects were many and varied, and will be missed.

Going forward, 26 intends to continue producing the “STS” screen printed decals, and over time intends to reprint the more popular “TS” laser decals in this format.  No news on what or when, so stay tuned!

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Revell’s Airbus A.320NEO and A.321 NEO Review

Today my first shipment of Revell Germany’s newly released 1/144 scale Airbus A.320NEO and A.321NEO kits came through the front door.

RV3942 Airbus A.320NEO, Lufthansa (2018 cs)


The A.320NEO kit provides PW 1100G Geared Turbofan engines.  The decal was designed by Daco, and printed in Italy (likely by Cartograf though not confirmed as yet).  While the wings and fuselage can allow for landing gear, this feature is not provided.  Instead, a display stand is provided.  Revell counts 38 parts in total, and considers this a “Series 3” kit.


RV4952 Airbus A.321NEO, Airbus ‘house’ cs


The A.321NEO kit provides both PW 1100G Geared Turbofan engines and CFM Leap 1A engines.  Again, the decal designed by Daco, printed in Italy (likely by Cartograf though not confirmed as yet).  Full landing gear is provided, and while the center fuselage has the reinforcement point for a stand, one is not provided.  Revell counts 66 parts in total, and considers this a “Series 4” kit.


320NEO vs 321NEO:  Compare and Contrast

First, a disclaimer:  As I write this article, I have not built either kit, nor measured to check whether the gross dimensions are correct.  This is strictly a review of the unbuilt kits.

Both kits are moulded in white styrene plastic, with clear parts provided for the cockpit and cabin windows.  Revell has been careful in laying out the parts on the sprues to allow for maximum commonality while providing the correct details for both kits.


Obviously, the A.321 is longer, and that is about where the differences end.  Both kits provide a moderately detailed cockpit, with the floor and seats on one part,  an instrument panel on a second, and the cockpit/cabin bulkhead on a third.  The instrument panel shows slight engraved instruments and display screens.  Both kits provide the nose gear bay.  On the 320 the gear door is a single piece, on the 321 it is split to be glued either side of the nose gear leg.  The cockpit glazing includes the fuselage crown over the cockpit.

Clear cabin windows are included, and in fact are identical sprues in both kits.  Revell designed the cabin windows in three strips, with instructions to trim away sections for the shorter A.320.  If you prefer, you can install the clear window parts, fill and smooth, paint the fuselage then use the window decals provided on the excellent decal sheet.

The radome  and the rudder are provided as single separate parts.  Blade antennae are moulded to one side of the fuselage, top and bottom.  The A.320 includes one, the A.321 includes three differently shaped large WiFi / Satcom antennae, allowing for almost any configuration to be modeled.  You can check photos on airliners.net to figure out which to use, and where to mount them.

Wings and Stabs

The wings are moulded in two pieces on two separate sprues (for reason that will become apparent), upper and lower, from tip to tip.  Sprue D provides the lower wing includes a section of the lower fuselage.  The lower wing piece in both kits is identical, both with cutouts for the main gear, and with the larger flap track fairings (3 each side) moulded to the wing.  Sprue C is the upper wing includes the trailing edges, and a short stub of the flap track fairings.

On the 321 upper wing, which features triple slotted flaps, has the two small flap track fairings are moulded in place.  The ‘Sharklet’ winglets are provided as separate parts.

The stabs are moulded each as a single piece on the same sprue as the common lower wing.


Each engine type, the PW 1100G and the CFM Leap 1A are provided on separate sprues.  Both engines are moulded in 5 pieces.  Left and right main cowl with pylon, a single piece inlet with front fan disk, separate intake rings and exhaust cones.  Strakes are moulded to the main cowls.

The biggest differences I could see are a more pointed cone on the intake fan disk on the CFM engines, along with a slightly longer exhaust cone.

Landing Gear

As said previously, provided in the A.321, not provided in the A.320.   The gear looks to be pretty standard in design, though perhaps the gear legs are a bit thinner (and probably a bit weaker) than in previous Revell A.319/320/321 kits.


As mentioned previously, both decals were designed by Danny Coremans of DACO, and printed (most likely by Cartograf) in Italy.  Both provide full livery elements, along with all the small details you can imagine.  Window decals are provided for those of us who prefer decaled windows over clear.

So How do these kits compare to Revell’s earlier A.320 family kits?

The first generation A.320 kit Revell released has thankfully passed into history.  No comparison to the second or this third version.  Personally, I think the best use for this kit is to be appropriately cut up and painted to provide a freight load for the A.300-600ST Beluga fleet.

The second generation kits (A.319, A.320 and A.321) were decent kits, a significant improvement over the first generation kits.  They made up quite nicely, and the only major flaw I am aware of is that the wings, which are common to all thee kits, include the triple slotted flaps and the two small flap track fairings each side.  So, if building an A.319 or A.320, these had to be removed.

This third generation kit obviously includes the NEO engines, and sharklet winglets (which are also fitted to recent A.319CEO, A.320CEO and A.321CEO deliveries).  The addition of a basic cockpit is a nice touch, and the provision of Wifi and Satcom antennae is welcomed.

A word of caution with the engines in the A.321 kit:  They look VERY similar, so if building both side by side, be careful not to mix the parts, and keep the pairs together!  The engines are interchangeable between the two kits, and the gear from the A.321 can be fitted to the A.320.

Overall – two nice kits !  I have heard that future releases of these kits may swap around the landing gear and stand options, though no further releases have been announced to date.  In the meantime, mixing airframes and engines allows pretty much any airline’s aircraft to be reproduced, with gear down or up.


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Minicraft C.130 Hercules “Bagged Kit”

Previously, DRAW Decal has negotiated with Minicraft to obtain “bagged kits” of their MD80 and DC-8-63/73 kits.  This program has now been extended to add their excellent C.130 Hercules kits, and with all three propeller options – 3 bladed (A/B models), 4 bladed (E/H models) and 5 bladed (J models).

So…  the kit is available to order standalone….

  • M14524B Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit (no decal)

M1452B-C130 Kit

… and in combination with DRAW decals as follows:


  • M14524B+DW44-C130-2 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-2 Alaska Airlines “Golden Nugget” decal


  • M14524B+DW44-C130-3 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-3 USAF Tennessee ANG Decal
  • M14524B+DW44-C130-5 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-3 USAF Idaho ANG Decal
  • M14524B+DW44-C130-6 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-3 USAF Arkansas ANG Decal
  • M14524B+DW44-C130-7 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-3 Iraqi Air Force Decal
  • M14524B+DW44-C130-8 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-3 USAF Puerto Rico ANG Decal
  • M14524B+DW44-C130-9 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-3 USAF (generic) Decal
  • M14524B+DW44-C130-10 Lockheed C.130A/B/E/H/J Hercules kit + DRAW DW44-C130-10 Delta Airlines decal


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New Product Announcements, week ending November 17th 2019

8ADecs has released the following three new 1/144 scale decals:





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New Product Announcements, week ending November 10th 2019

26Decals has released the following two new 1/144 scale screen printed decals:


  • STS44-358 Canadian Armed Forces C.130E Hercules



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New Product Announcements, week ending November 3rd 2019

As announced last week, 8ADecs has released the following new 1/144 and 1/200 scale decals.  Art is now available::




  • 8A144-566 Air France BAC / Sud Concorde (development aircraft)








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FRsin Announces the Canadair CL44

FRsin has announced that they will be releasing a series of 1/144 scale Canadair CL-44 kits at the IPMS UK Scale Modelworld to be held at Telford on the weekend of November 9th and 10th.  I expect to have them in stock November 25th.

  • ​FR-P4119 Canadair CL-44D, Seaboard World Airlines







  • ​FR-P4125 Canadair CL-44O Guppy, Transmeridian Air Cargo



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New Product Announcements, week ending October 26th 2019

DRAW Decal has released the following new decals for the Boeing P8A Poseidon kits in 1/144, 1/200 and 1/72 scales.



8ADecs has released the following new 1/144 and 1/200 scale decals:

Images asap!


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New Product Announcements, week ending October 19th 2019

8ADecs has released five new decals in 1/144, 1/200 and 1/48 scale:

  • 8A48-558 F.A. Mexicana Cessna 500 Citation (Surveillance aircraft)







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New Product Announcements, week ending October 12th 2019

This week is a little busier, with new decals from DRAW Decal, Vintage Flyer (see separate post) and 8ADecs, and new announcements from TwoSix.

From DRAW Decal:


From 8ADecs:



TwoSix announced that the following new screen printed decals are ‘at the printers’, and should be available mid to late November.

  • STS44-346 Air Canada Boeing 787-8 and 787-9


  • STS44-349 Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR and 777-300ER






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