New Product Announcements, week ending November 11th 2018

DRAW Decal released a new China Eastern set for the imminent Zvezda Boeing 737-MAX8 kit.  The decal is also available in 1/200 scale.


26 Decals released a new sheet for the Japan Air Lines Douglas DC-8-61 / -62 in the final scheme carried by these aircraft.  This decal features a laser printed airline specific sheet, with a separate silk screen printed “details” sheet.

  • TS44-901  Japan Air Lines Douglas DC-8-61 / -62



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New Product Announcements, week ending November 4th 2018

A handful of new releases this week….

8ADecs has released two new sets this week.  The COPA sheet is available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.  The Japan Airlines sheet can be ordered with or without windows printed on the stripe.

26Decals released a new sheet for a rather colourful Airbus A.350-900.

  • TS44-863  Air China “Expo 2019” Airbus A.350-900




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A Short History of Revell, and Where the Company Stands Today

Revell got its start in the U.S. in the early 1940’s, starting as a toy manufacturer, and eventually transforming into plastic kits.  In 1956, a subsidiary was formed in Germany known as Revell Plastics GmbH.  It operated very independently from Revell USA, though legally it remained a subsidiary.  Starting in the early 70’s, Revell Germany began to invest in its own molds, and model kits were imported into the U.S. by Revell USA.  In the 1970’s Frog ceased operations, and Revell Germany purchased all the molds for German WWII kit subjects (the rest going to Novo in Russia).

In the early 80’s, Revell was purchased by the French toy company Generale du Jouet.  In 1986, Revell was again sold to a U.S. company based in New York, Odyssey Partners, who also bought Monogram, and merged the two into Revell-Monogram LLC.   In the early 1990’s, Revell Germany acquired Matchbox, and its range of plastic kits.

Revell-Germany became a fully independent company in 2006.   In May 2007, Hobbico Inc purchased Revell-Monogram, and in 2012, Hobbico acquired Revell Germany.  Sadly, in January 2018 Hobbico Inc declared (U.S.) Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and in April 2018 Revell USA ceased all operations.  Revell Germany was purchased in its entirety by the German Venture Capital company Quantum Capital Partners (QCP), who also purchased the Trade Marks, molds and selected other assets previously under the Revell-Monogram label.  The company name changed to Revell GmbH.

QCP and Revell GmbH has now set up a new Revell USA to act solely as an importer of all Revell kits to the U.S.A. and North America.   It is basically a warehouse operation, with a small marketing office, and very little else.  It’s primary function is to import kits from Germany, and distribute them forward to regional distributors, from which your local hobby shops will now acquire their stock .  All company ownership, decision making, new product development etc is based in Germany.

So, the good news is that all those new and re-released Revell  kits we keep reading about should soon be available again locally.   Revell  has recently developed a 1/144 scale Antonov An.224 ‘Mrija’ 6-engined heavy transporter kit with targeted release in late November 2018.


The recent airliner re-releases that are anxiously awaited include the Boeing 747-8F in U.P.S. markings, and the Airbus A.380 in British Airways markings.   It is also anticipated that previously released airliner kits showing on the Revell GmbH web site will also soon return.

As soon as U.S. retail pricing is announced, our site will be updated and new stock will be ordered.  Stay tuned!


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Zvezda Boeing 737-MAX8 Kit has been Released!

Good news!  The long awaited Zvezda Boeing 737-MAX8 kit has been released, and first shipments are on their way to our distributor.  I anticipate receiving my first shipment mid November.

It’s not too late to order one (or more!) from my first batch – I did order more than needed for orders in hand to date.  Kit number is ZVE-7026.


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New Product Announcements, week ending October 20th 2018

26Decals has announced that two more decals are ‘at the printer’ this week.  ETA for in stock is mid November.

  1. STS44-211 Iberia Douglas DC-8-63 (updated reprint of an earlier release)
  2. STS44-317 Tui Boeing 787-8 / -9


In addition, six recently announced 26Decals releases are back from the printer and in stock:

  • STS44-304 Finnair / IAS Cargo Douglas DC-8-62CF (replaces TS44-408)
  • STS44-312 Pan Am Boeing 747-121A (delivery cs, replaces STS44-106)
  • STS44-313 Pan Am Boeing 747-121A (later cs, replaces STS44-107)
  • STS44-314 Pan Am Boeing 747-121A (‘Billboard’ cs, replaces STS44-108)
  • STS44-315 Pan American B.727-21C (earlier cs, replaces STS44-105)
  • STS44-316 Pan American B.727-21C (later cs, replaces STS44-111)


8ADecs announced two new decals on Friday:

  • 8A144-483 AeroMexico McDD DC-10-30 (very limited edition)
  • 8A144-484 China Airlines ‘Pink Carbon’ Airbus A.350-900



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New Product Announcements, week ending October 13th 2018

LPS Decals released four new sheets this week.

Yes, the LPM DC-2 decal is Royal Australian Air Force, not Royal Air Force as shown on the image.


Next, I have a shipment en route from Welsh models, with the following new recently released models included:

  • WSL-396R  Douglas DC-7B, Pan American (1/144 scale)
  • WSL-423R   Boeing 737-MAX9, Lion Air (1/144 scale)
  • WCV-81  Boeing EC-135N ARIA Conversion (for use with any Minicraft KC135, 1/144)
  • WMJA72-17 Boeing 737-800, United Airlines (1/72 Scale)

DRAW Decal released an updated set for the Austral MD80


Draw also released another in their P.51 “Gathering of Mustangs” series.

1/48 scale version shown below.




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FRsin to Release a 1/144 Scale Bristol Freighter Kit

FRsin has announced that their next series of 1/144 scale kit releases will feature the Bristol 170 Freighter, with Mk.21, Mk.31 and Super Freighter Mk.32 included in the line-up.

  • FR-P4100 Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21, TAI
  • FR-P4101 Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21, Aviaco
  • FR-P4102 Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21, Dan Air London
  • FR-P4103 Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31, British United Airlines
  • FR-P4104 Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31, Iberia
  • FR-P4105 Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31, Aer Turas


  • FR-P4106 Bristol 170 Super Freighter Mk.32, British Air Ferries
  • FR-P4107 Bristol 170 Super Freighter Mk.32, BUA / BAF
  • FR-P4108 Bristol 170 Super Freighter Mk.32, British United Airlines
  • FR-P4109 Bristol 170 Super Freighter Mk.32, Compagnie Air Transport
  • FR-P4110 Bristol 170 Super Freighter Mk.32, Midland Air Cargo
  • FR-P4111 Bristol 170 Super Freighter Mk.32, Sabena


These kits are scheduled to be released November 9th & 10th 2018 at the IPMS (UK) Scale Modelworld convention in Telford, U.K.  I have placed my initial order, which will be mailed to me shortly after the convention closes.





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New Product Announcements, week ending October 6th 2018

8ADecs released three new sets this week, in 1/144 and 1/100 scales.

DRAW Decal released another Lufthansa ‘Fanhansa’ set this week, this time for the Airbus A.321.



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New Product Announcements, week ending September 29th 2018

Vintage Flyer announced four new decals this week across 1/144, 1/72, 1/100 and 1/200 scales.

  • VFD144-259A National Airlines (delivery cs) Boeing 727-100 (Airfix kit)
  • VFD144-259R National Airlines (delivery cs) Boeing 727-100 (Revell kit)
  • VFD72-259 National Airlines (delivery cs) Boeing 727-100
  • VFD144-260 National Airlines (delivery cs) Boeing 727-200
  • VFD72-260 National Airlines (delivery cs) Boeing 727-200
  • VFD144-261 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Boeing 727-100 / -200
  • VFD72-261 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Boeing 727-100 / -200
  • VFD100-261 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Boeing 727-100 / -200
  • VFD200-261 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Boeing 727-100 / -200
  • VFD144-262 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Douglas DC-9-30
  • VFD72-262 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Douglas DC-9-30
  • VFD100-262 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Douglas DC-9-30
  • VFD200-262 Northeast Airlines (‘yellowbird’ cs) Douglas DC-9-30

DRAW Decal has updated their Boeing E7 ‘Wedgetail’ set for the Royal Australian Air Force, Korean Air Force and Turkish Air Force, replacing the combined sheet (DWxx-737-131) with three separate sheets.

Finally, DRAW Decal is updating some of their older decals.   Recently re-released is the set for the Austral McDD MD80.





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New Product Announcements, week ending September 22nd 2018

8ADecs has released a screen printed Airbus A.318/319/320/321 Wing Corogard and laser printed stencil set as CS-02S, in 1/144 and 1/200 scale.  Both are in stock.


The latest Bodacek Agency (BOA) 1/144 scale silk screened decals arrived this week:

DRAW Decal released a set for the Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-Max8 in 1/144 and 1/200 scale.



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