New Product Announcements, week ending November 18th 2017

This weeks announcement from DRAW Decals and TwoSix decals:

The TwoSix decal, I believe, was released some time ago, however it may have missed being announced by TS at the time.

In addition, DRAW added another sheet in their “Gathering of Mustangs” series.   DWxx-P51-73 (aka DWxx-P51-073 on my site) is a P.51D Mustang “Lou IV” available, as usual, in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.

Finally, by all reports I have seen, the IPMS UK sponsored Scale ModelWorld held at Telford last weekend was another good show, and all reports I have seen say the respective authors had a good time.  Apparently the IPMS Airliner SIG (Special Interest Group) continues to put on a good display, and interest in airliner modelling is growing.  While there were no major announcements from the mainstream manufacturers, companies such as FRsin, BraZ and others did release new product as describer here in previous weeks.

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New Product Announcements, week ending November 11th 2017

The IPMS UK Scale ModelWorld show is taking place at Telford this weekend on November 11th and 12th.   Those who attended are reporting another excellent show.  The 2018 show will be held in the same location, on November 10th and 11th.  Note to self:  start saving the $$$ to attend!

Vintage Flyer surprised us this week with the release of two very nice new decals for the Lockheed Electra, both released in 1/144, 1/115 and 1/72 scales:

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FRsin Announces the release of their Fokker F.28-1000 and F.28-4000 kits

FRsin has announced two new injection moulded plastic kits for release at the IPMS UK ‘Modelworld’ show this coming weekend in Telford, UK.  Two versions, the original series 1000 and the stretched series 4000 have been announced, each with seven decal options.

  • FR-P4086    Fokker F-28-1000 – Air France (delivery colours)
  • FR-P4087    Fokker F-28-4000 – Air France (newer colours)
  • FR-P4088    Fokker F-28-1000 – Air Anglia
  • FR-P4089    Fokker F-28-4000 – Air Anglia
  • FR-P4090    Fokker F-28-1000 – Aerolíneas Argentinas
  • FR-P4091    Fokker F-28-4000 – Aerolíneas Argentinas
  • FR-P4092    Fokker F-28-1000 – Air UK
  • FR-P4093    Fokker F-28-4000 – NLM CityHopper
  • FR-P4094    Fokker F-28-1000 – SAS
  • FR-P4095    Fokker F-28-4000 – SAS
  • FR-P4096    Fokker F-28-1000 – USair
  • FR-P4097    Fokker F-28-4000 – USair
  • FR-P4098    Fokker F-28-1000 – British Airways/TAT
  • FR-P4099    Fokker F-28-2000 – British Airways/TAT


Decals are already available from DRAW Decal for the Piedmont and hybrid Piedmont / US Air schemes, for both the series 1000 and 4000.

  • DW44-F28-001Piedmont F.28-1000 (bare metal transitional scheme)
  • DW44-F28-002A Piedmont F.28-1000
  • DW44-F28-003A Piedmont F.28-4000
  • DW44-F28-002B US Air (Piedmont hybrid) F.28-1000
  • DW44-F28-003B US Air (Piedmont hybrid) F.28-4000

TwoSix includes a few F.28 decals in their range:

  • TS44-625 Braathens S.A.F.E. Fokker F.28-1000
  • TS44-710 Aerolineas Argentinas Fokker F.28-1000

Finally, I have some of the LGW (forerunner to TwoSix) F.28-1000 and F.28-4000 decals still available:

  • LGW44-AFN1 Air France (newer cs) Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-AFO1 Air France (older cs) Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-ANG1 Air Anglia Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-CON1 Aero Continente Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-GER1 Germanair Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-IBE1 Iberia Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-LIN1 Linjeflyg Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-LIN4 Linjeflyg Fokker F.28-4000
  • LGW44-MAR1 Martinair Fokker F.28-1000
  • LGW44-NLM4 NLM CityHopper Fokker F.28-4000
  • LGW44-NUI1 Air Niugini Fokker F.28-1000








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TwoSix Resin Release – BAC 1-11 Nose

After a long absence, TwoSix has re-released their resin BAC 1-11 nose as TSR144-05, intended to convert the Airfix BAC 1-11-200 kit to have the “in service” more pointed radome, and to improve the accuracy of the cockpit.  This part was previously released as LGW44-01.

This is a single piece to replace the entire 1-11 nose forward of the front cabin doors. It can be used on the Welsh Models 1-11-500 kits as well.

Why is the Airfix kit inaccurate?  The kit was developed from the 1-11 prototype, which originally flew with the more blunt nose.  The first few 1-11-200’s for British United, and apparently the first Braniff airframe were also fitted with the blunt radomes, but these were replaced before the aircraft went into service.


So is the timing of this release a hint that perhaps Airfix will shortly re-release their 1-11 kit?  We shall have to wait and see…..

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New Product Announcements, week ending November 4th 2017

A busy week….  this is the first of three announcement posts!

First, DRAW Decal and TwoSix both released an airliner decal this week

DRAW Decal also released another P.51 Mustang in their “Gathering of Mustangs” series, in 5 scales.  DW24-P51-072, DW32-P51-072, DW48-P51-072, DW72-P51-072 and DW44-P51-072 provide markings for the P.51D “Six Shooter”.

Stay tuned for announcements of new kits from FRsin and new resin sets from BraZ.



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New Product Announcements, week ending October 28th 2017

This week TwoSix announced the release of a 1/144 scale decal for a Dan Air London Bae146-100.  TS also announced the return of their resin 1/144 scale BAC 1-11 nose, designed to improve the Airfix kit.

New Releases:



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New Decal Announcements, week ending October 21st 2017


This week TwoSix announced the release of a 1/144 scale decal for Dan Air London Boeing 727-200, while DRAW Decals announced the release of the Qatar Cargo Boeing 747-8F decal in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.

New Releases:


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New Decal Announcements, week ending October 14th 2017

Vintage Flyer announced the release of five Alaska Airlines Boeing 727 decals.  The ‘Golden Nugget’ scheme carried by the first 727 deliveries is joined by the four theme schemes that featured different tail logos with stripes colour matched.  DRAW announced the release of the Frenchblue Airbus A.350-900

New Releases:


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New Decal Announcements, week ending October 7th 2017

A quiet week…   TwoSix announced that the Ryanair 737-800 decal is back from the printer and available.  The Thunderbird Models 1/72 scale Pacific Western Airlines Supermarine Stranraer has arrived.

New Releases:

  • STS44-297 Ryanair Boeing 787-800
  • TM72-012 Pacific Western Airlines Supermarine Stranraer



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New Decal Announcements, week ending Sept 30 2017

DRAW released two new airliner decals this week, while TwoSix also released two.


DRAW also added one set to their “Gathering of Mustangs” P-51 series, with DWxx-P51-071 “Speedball Alice”.   The same aircraft is also available with Reno Air Races markings as DWxx-P51-071R.  Both sheets are availabel in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.

Finally, we received our re-stock of Zvezda Boeing 737-800 kits, see ZVE-7019.


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