DRAW Decal Releases, week of Sept 15 2017

DRAW released three new airliner and military transport decals this week.

All are listed in our estore and available for order.

In addition, a new Mustang sheet was released in the “Gathering of Mustangs and Legends” series

  • DW24-P51-070, DW32-P51-070, DW48-P51-070, DW72-P51-070, DW44-P51-070
  • TP-51C Mustang “Betty Jane”

The P-51 Mustang decals are listed in our estore, available for special order.

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Latest DRAW Decal Releases are here

DRAW Decal continues to be prolific in releasing new decals, usually two new sets are announced each week.  While about half are for P-51 Mustangs in their “Gathering of Mustangs and Legends” series, many great new airliner decals have been released.

Many of the above (especially 1/144 scale)  are already in stock, and any that are not can be obtained very quickly.  Greg and I have worked out an order/print/delivery schedule that will usually put a decal I do not have in stock in your hands within 4 to 5 weeks.  Understand, please, we are both working hard to accomplish this goal, but cannot guarantee we will meet it for every order.

As to the Mustangs:  As AHS is predominantly civilian transport oriented, we do not intend to carry stocks of all of DRAW’s military subjects.  I do carry military transports, especially the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” 737’s, DC10’s (KC10’s), etc, and other transports.  So, I am stocking C5 Galaxys, C.130 Hercules, and C17 Globemasters.  P-51s, and other fighter / racers can be ordered, please anticipate a 3 – 4 week delivery.

Hurricane Irma – Updated Sept 15th 2017

DRAW received some news from Florida early in the week that their print facility escaped serious damage, and all staff are and their families are safe.  By the end of the week  power had already been restored, and internet connectivity was imminent.  They expect to be back printing decals next week.

Enjoy !

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New BOA Agency Decal Releases

BOA Agency has recently released, and we have just ordered, the following new 1/144 scale decals:

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Vintage Flyer Releases early DC-9-10 Decals

Vintage Flyer has announced their first batch of DC-9-10 decals, no doubt encouraged by the release of the Atlantis Models 1/72 scale DC-9-10 kit.  The following are available in 1/72, 1/120 (for the Revell kit) and 1/144 scale (for the FLY DC-9-10 or converted Airfix DC-9-30 kits).

VFD72-232  VFD120-232  VFD144-232 Trans World Airlines (delivery cs)
VFD72-233  VFD120-233  VFD144-233 Eastern Airlines
VFD72-234  VFD120-234  VFD144-234 Hughes Airwest
VFD72-235  VFD120-235  VFD144-235 Delta Airlines
VFD72-236  VFD120-236  VFD144-236 West Coast Airlines
VFD72-237  VFD120-237  VFD144-237 Hawaiian Airlines
VFD72-238  VFD120-238  VFD144-238 Air West (gold/red cs)
VFD72-239  VFD120-239  VFD144-239 Air West (green/blue cs)
VFD72-240  VFD120-240  VFD144-240 Air West (blue/mustard cs)

The Continental Airlines ‘Golden Jet’ DC-9-10 decal has been re-drawn and re-released.  The “T” version provides a full gold and black decal for the tail fin, the other requires that the modeller paint the gold tail, and apply a white/black decal to complete.

VFD72-039   VFD120-039   VFD144-039    Continental Airlines ‘Golden Jet’
VFD72-039T VFD120-039T VFD144-039T Continental Airlines ‘Golden Jet’

We have placed our initial order with Vintage Flyer, and expect them in stock in early June.

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FLY DC-9’s are on their way

I have just placed a new order for a batch of FLY’s excellent DC-9 kits.  Expected in stock May 11th:

We are accepting pre-orders now.

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Clearance Sale

A review of inventory, necessary evil at tax time, confirmed I am over-stocked on a few kits.  Some are no longer generally available, but either way, I have more than I really need to support sales.   So, you win!

To find them, you can search in a few ways.

First, and probably easiest, type “-csp” (without the quotes) in the search box top left on the home page.  You should find everything.  “CSP” means Clearance Sale Price”.

Alternatively, look down the left side of the home pags.  Number 6 is the “Clearance Table”, and under that relevant categories.

No limits, no conditions!   Add what ever you want to a shopping cart, and proceed through checkout.  A few customers have already picked a few items, most are limited quantities at the “CSP” price.

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The Zvezda 787-9 is (finally) here !

The long delayed Boeing 787-9 ‘Dreamliner’ kit by Zvezda has finally arrived!  I have contacted those of you who pre-ordered it, and have packed and mailed the kits.  I have three kits left for general sale.ZVE-7021-B787-9-W

Zvezda has announced two new kits:

  • ZVE7019 Boeing 737-800
  • ZVE7011 Ilyushin 76 (previously announced in 2015)

Zvezda has shown photographs of the fuselage sprues for the 737.  Looks good so far!

As more is learned, I will update this post.

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Latest BraZ Resin Parts to Arrive…

With our recent restock shipment from BraZ, I received the following new items:

  • BZ4096 GE90-94B Engines (2), B.777-200, -200ER, -300
  • BZ4097 RR Trent 800 Engines (2), B.777-200, -200ER, -300
  • BZ4098 PW4090 Engines (2), B.777-200, -200ER, -300
  • BZ4099 Boeing 777-200ER, -300 Raked Wingtips

The 777-200LR, -300ER and -200F are all exclusively powered by the GE90-110B1 or -115B engines, as supplied in the Zvezda / Revell 777-300 kit.  The engines listed above are intended to allow the modeller to build a -300 from the Zvezda kit, or a shortened -200 or -200ER.

All are available for immediate shipment.


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Latest Daco Skyline Decals in Stock

In addition to restocking the 737 kits, I have also restocked all available Daco Skyline decals.  New releases are:

Back in stock are:

  • SKY144-40 Western Pacific ‘Stardust’ Boeing 737-300
  • SKY144-57 Airbus A.318/A.319/A.320/A.321 Details
  • SKY144-58 Boeing 737NG Details
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TwoSix Arrivals – Shorts 330 Kit

My latest shipment from Twotsm44-11ae_air_europe_express_shorts_330-wSix includes a first batch of their 1/144 scale Shorts 330 kit.  It comes with a laser printed decal for Air Europe Express.  It is item TSM44-011AE in the estore.

With this shipment I received a final batch of the 1/144 scale Tristar kits – well, not the kits themselves (TS is sold out), but some extra decals and box labels so that I can “re-label” some of the kits I have left.  I have 8 kits left as of Feb 13th.  Search “TSM44-010” to find them.  Note, the “no decal” model is no longer available to order.

Finally, TwoSix has reprinted a few of their “sold out” silk decals:

The BEA and BOAC sheets are back in stock, Korean will be here in our next shipment, eta early March.




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