New Product Announcements, week ending January 20th 2018

Lots of news this week….

First up, Zvezda has announced a Boeing 737-8 MAX kit in 1/144 scale, which according to the new U.S. distributor should be available March 2018.  The image being circulated shows a Boeing “house” scheme.  It is kit ZVE-7026, and is available now for pre-order.

Boxart Boeing 737-8 MAX 7026 Zvezda

TwoSix has a number of new decals “at the printer” in their STS series.  Available soon are:

  • STS44-282 British European Airlines Dh.106 Comet 4B (“red square” cs)
  • TS44-299 Royal Aircraft Establishment Vickers VC-10
  • STS44-300 Court Line (yellow cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-301 Court Line (pink cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-302 Court Line (turquoise cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-303 Court Line (lilac cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-306 Dan Air London Dh.106 Comet 4B and 4C


Next, we received our first shipments of some new kit releases this week.  Now in stock are the Minicraft “bagged kit” McDD MD-80, and the FRsin 1/144 scale DHC-6 Twin Otter,  BN2A Islander and Trislander, and the Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II kits.  All pre-orders have been mailed.

Finally, the US Postal Service has announced a price increase effective Sunday January 21st that they say is 3.9%.  The major impact to us is that “Merchandise” is no longer
allowed to be shipped in First Class Mail International Flats.  This is the service we used to ship “Decals Only”.  The reason given is that this brings the US in compliance with international postal agreements.  I am working on a solution to avoid having to switch to First Class Package International, which would see postage rates increase dramatically.

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New Product Announcements, week ending January 13th 2018

A number of announcements this week…..  makes up for having non last weekend.

First, with thanks to DRAW Decal, I have obtained a supply of 1/144 scale Minicraft MD-80 “bagged kits”.  This kit is arguably one of the best jet kits that Minicraft has released to date.  And at $12 each, they are a bargain!  A set of assembly instructions are included, but no decal.   I am, however, offering the kit with your choice of a DRAW, Liveries Unlimited / AHS, Flying Colors or TwoSix decal as a “package deal”.

I have the kits listed on my site under two product numbers –  DW44-MD80-A which is the number DRAW is using, and M14452B which is what is printed on the packaging.


Next, the package deals:  (will be added shortly!)

DRAW also released a new airliner decal this week.  The Republic DC-9-14/15 decal has been modified and re-released as a DC-9-15RC, which features a main deck cargo door, as sheet DW44-DC9-047A in 1/144 scale, DW20-DC9-047A in 1/200, DW12-DC9-047A in 1/120, and DW72-DC9-047A in 1/72 scale.


Next up, I have a shipment en route from FRsin containing their latest 1/144 scale resin model releases of the DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, BN.2A Islander and BN2A-III Trislander.

  • FR14105 Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, TAT
  • FR14107 Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, CAL
  • FR14114 Britten Norman BN.2A Mk III Trislander – Aurigny Air Services
  • FR14115 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Sabena
  • FR14117 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Air Seychelles
  • FR14118 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Olympic Airlines
  • FR14119 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, TAT
  • FR14120 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, British Airways
  • FR14121 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, Air Alpes
  • FR14122 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, Air Seychelles


All of the above have been added to the web site, and are available to order.


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New Product Announcements, week ending December 30th 2017

New releases this week from LPS Decals and DRAW Decal.

LPS released 5 new sheets in 1/144 scale in their civil and military series.

DRAW Decal released a new sheet for the Lufthansa ‘5 Starhansa’ Boeing 747-8I in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:

DW44-747-050A  DW20-747-050A Lufthansa ‘5 Starhansa’ Boeing 747-8I


Finally, DRAW added new decals for the P.51 Mustang.  DWxx-P51-076 is for a P.51D Mustang ‘Stump Jumper’ in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.


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New Product Announcements, week ending December 23rd 2017

This week DRAW Decals announced the release of a one new airliner decal:


This week did see the arrival of our FRsin order for their new Fokker F.28-1000 and F.28-4000 kits.  I also received my first shipment of the new BraZ resin RB.211 engines and ‘S-ducts’ for the 1/144 scale L.1011 Tristar kits.  The duct really improves the appearance of the center engine intake, and does indeed come with a fan disk for the #2 engine.

As this will be our last post before Christmas, we would like to extend Best Wishes to all and your families for a safe and Merry Christmas !


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BraZ Resin Releases

Much to my chagrin, I just realized I failed to properly announce the latest resin parts from BraZ.  All were released mid November at the IPMS ModelWorld hobby show in Telford, UK.

First, BraZ has released engines, wheels and an “S” duct (for the center engine intake) in 1/144 scale for the various L.1011 Tristar kits.  All should be usable on the Airfix, Revell, Otaki, Welsh, and Eastern Express kits.  Finally we have engines that are not the early RB.211s!

  • BZ4101 RB.211-22B Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4102 RB.211-22C Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4103 RB.211-524B Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4104 L.1011 Tristar Center Engine “S” Duct (with fan)
  • BZ4105 Wheel Set, L.1011 Tristar

Next, BraZ has released updated winglets for the Embraer 170/175 in 1/144 scale for the Hasegawa kit, and in 1/100 scale for the Tamiya kit:

  • BZ4112 Winglets for Embraer 170/175
  • BZ1001 Winglets for Embraer 170/175


Finally, BraZ released a series of 1/144 scale Wi-Fi antennae.

  • BZ4106 SatCom CNA-2102 Antenna
  • BZ4107 Wi-Fi Antenna, any aircraft
  • BZ4108 Wifi Antenna, Airbus Narrowbodies
  • BZ4109 Wi-Fi Antenna, Boeing 737
  • BZ4110 Wi-Fi Antenna, Embraer 170/175/190/195 (Type 1)
  • BZ4111 Wi-Fi Antenna, Embraer 170/175/190/195 (Type 2)


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New Product Announcements, week ending December 16th 2017

This week I have new decal announcements from DRAW Decal, TwoSix, and BOA Agency.

First, DRAW Decal announced a decal for the “5 Starhansa” Airbus A.320.  This is for one of two aircraft (the other a 747-8I) that wear the “5 Starhansa” titles to commemorate Lufthansa receiving the 5 star rating from Skytrax.  It has been released in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.


Next, TwoSix has re-released the First Choice Airbus A.321 decal in 1/144 scale.  This is a reprint of the sold out sheet issued some years ago.


Finally, BOA Agency has released two more decals for the Revell Embraer 190 kit, for Helvetic Airways and Alitalia.  They also re-released the sold out Interflug Tupolev Tu.154M decal (BOA144-029).

DRAW Decal released another P.51D Mustang set, DWxx-P51-075 “Tall in the Saddle”, in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 scales.

Finally, and a bit of a surprise, Zvezda teamed up with the Russian Postal Service to release a Tupolev 204C, in the Russioan PO markings.  It is, unfortunately, only available at your local Russian Post Office.  It is anticipated that the kit will be re-released with a passenger fuselage in 2018,




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New Product Announcements, week ending December 9th 2017

A relatively quiet week again….  two new decal releases from DRAW Decal, and the start of adding some kits I obtained in trade to the site.

DRAW released a sheet for the Japan Air Lines Boeing 787-9 in 1/200 and 1/144:


In addition, DRAW released another P.51D Mustang in the “Air Racers” series, sheet DWxx-P51-074 “Risky Business”, in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.

Next, the collection:  The first two models added are a pair of Welsh Models stretched DC-8’s

  • WSL-103 Douglas DC-8-71, United Airlines, CFM56 engines.   (2 available)
  • WSL-107 Douglas DC-8-63, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, PW JT3D engines (4 available)


I recently obtained a pair of Aurora Plastics models, dating back to the mid 60’s when I helped a widow clear her husband’s kit collection.  Both kits a re very well preserved, boxes are in excellent condition, though the decals have yellowed with age.  There’s only one of each.  They are:


See you next weekend!

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New Product Announcements, week ending December 2nd 2017

A quieter week……

DRAW Decal released a new decal for the Air France Boeing 787-9 as sheets DW44-787-018 in 1/144 scale and DW20-787-018 in 1/200 scale.


TwoSix re-released two of their Vickers Super VC-10 decals.  These are reprints of two previously released in their STS “Screen Printed” series.

  • STS44-228 British Airways Standard or Super VC-10
  • STS44-276 BOAC and BOAC Cunard  “Speedbird” Super VC-10

As Always, click on the item number to link into our online store if you wish to order one of these items.



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More 1/144 Scale Tristar Kits have Arrived

Our first order for a selection of the recently released TwoSix 1/144 scale L.1011 Tristar “200” kits has arrived.


The kit is the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a TwoSix screen printed or laser printed decal.   This Tristar kit is widely believed to have been patterned from the famous 1/144 scale Otaki Tristar kit which is accepted as the most accurate injection moulded styrene plastic 1/144 scale L.1011 kit ever made. It is not, however, a direct copy, and the parts breakdown (for example the rear fuselage  is provided as separate parts) is very different. It lacks locating pins for mating the fuselage halves, wing halves and stab halves, making assembly a little more challenging.

This version of the kit includes what look like the later RB.211-524B engines, with what were often referred to as the “short afterbody” hot section.  Almost all, if not all surviving Tristar 1’s had their RB.211’s upgraded to this version, still being referred to as series 1 unless they were also modified with the extra fuel tanks and other mods that made them series 100, 150 or 250.  The kit does not include the fairing at the base of the #2 engine inlet, which was fitted to all series 200’s.   I would also have to check photo references, as I am not sure if the Air Canada and TWA delivery schemes were worn by Tristars with this engine?

Available are:

The models I have marked with an * I can confirm from my photo collection are accurate in that the scheme indicated was worn on aircraft fitted with the 524B engine.  Upon request I can exchange the decal for Saudia (Liveries Unlimited), British Airways (Negus or Landor schemes), Court Line (yellow or pink schemes), Gulf Air, LTU Germany, Air Atlanta Icelandic, Air Lanka or Cathay Pacific.

Update Dec 16 2017:

The BraZ resin engines, wheels, and center engine “S” duct are all in stock, and are eminently suitable for use with this kit.

  • BZ4101 RB.211-22B Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4102 RB.211-22C Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4103 RB.211-524B Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4104 L.1011 Tristar Center Engine “S” Duct (with fan)
  • BZ4105 Wheel Set, L.1011 Tristar


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New Product Announcements, week ending November 25th 2017

This week the new releases cover a kit, resin parts and decals….

First, we have the A-Models 1/72 scale De Havilland 104 Dove with Martin’s Air Charter decals in stock.  A nice little kit…  product number is A-72294.


Next up, TwoSix re-released their 1/144 scale De Havilland 106 Comet 4 and 4C wingtips.  Item number is TSR144-04, designed to fit the Airfix Comet 4B kit, converting it to the series longer range series 4C.  It can also be used to convert the kit to the shorter series 4.


DRAW Decals released two new decals this week.  First, their Brussels Airlines Sukhoi SSJ Superjet 100 decal in 1/144 scale as DW44-SSJ-003 for use on the Zvezda kit.  Second, the Continental Airlines ‘eco skies’ Boeing 737-800 in 1/144 and 1/200 scales as sheets DW44-737-163E and DW20-737-163E respectively.  This decal commemorates their bio fuels testing, and operational changes intended to reduce overall fuel burn.

Finally, Vintage Flyer announced the release of a Braniff International Douglas DC-4 decal with special “Toyland Special” marking, commemorating a DC-4 that was used to deliver gifts to the children of Braniff employees.  Available in 1/72 and 1/144, the decal will only be available to order until December 24th 2017.  See VFD72-248LE and VFD144-248LE.


All of the above are available to order.

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