American Airlines 787 by DRAW Decal

Today DRAW Decal announced decals for the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 in American Airlines markings, both in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.

Our first batch of each should be here March 2nd.   Please get your order in asap, we’ll be filling orders first come first served.




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New Product Announcements, week ending February 17th 2018

A number of new product announcements this week…..

First, DRAW Decal announced three new additions to their extensive decal range:

1:144 Scale:

1:200 Scale:

1:72 Scale:

8A Decs announced three new 1/144 scale decals this week.

  • 8A144-431 Kalstar Aviation ‘Adventure Borneo’ Embraer 195
  • 8A144-432 Southwest ‘California One’ Boeing 737-700
  • 8A144-433 AeroMexico Boeing 777-200ER

Thunderbird Models announced a new 1/144 scale airliner decal this week.


FRsin announced another decal option for their recently released 1/144 scale resin BN.2A Islander kit.

  • FR14116 BN.2A Islander British Airways


After many years of asking, it looks like Roden is going to be the company to finally start delivering the Convair Twins.  ROD334 has been announced as a Convair 340, though as yet with no release date, price, or indication of what airline decal will be included.  Vintage Flyer already offers a lot of the early U.S. airline liveries, and I am sure our other decal makers will be quick to pounce on this one, so we should have lots of choices.

Stay tuned!






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TwoSix Lockheed L.1011 Tristar 500 Kits

TwoSix has announced the imminent release of their 1/144 scale Lockheed L.1011 Tristar 500 models.  These are the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a TwoSix decal.

The EE Tristar 1/100/200 is widely believed to have been patterned from the famous 1/144 scale Otaki Tristar kit, which is accepted as the most accurate injection moulded styrene plastic 1/144 scale L.1011 kit ever made. It is not, however, a direct copy, and the parts breakdown (see for example the rear fuselage is provided as separate parts) is different. It lacks locating pins for mating the fuselage halves, wing halves and stab halves, making assembly a little more challenging. Eastern Express provides a new main fuselage to convert the original model to the shorter series 500.

I am anticipating they will be in stock early March 2018, and am accepting pre-orders.

Offered are:

  • TSM44-018DL Delta Airlines L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-598)
  • TSM44-018PA Pan American  L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-171)
  • TSM44-018BA British Airways, British L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-272)
  • TSM44-018BAL British Airways (Landor cs)  L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-125)
  • TSM44-018RJ Alia Royal Jordanian L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-856)
  • TSM44-018UL Air Lanka L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-281)
  • TSM44-018LT LTU (Germany) L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-274)






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New Product Announcements, week ending February 10th 2018

We have one new DRAW Decal release this week for the Boeing 737-800 in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.  It is designed to fit the Revell Germany or Zvezda 737-800 kits in 1/144, and the  Hasegawa kit in 1/200 scale.


Next, TwoSix has released a 1/144 scale injection moulded Fokker F.27-200 kit.   The plastic is the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a decal by TwoSix.  Two options are currently available –  with Braathens S.A.F.E. decal, or optionally without a decal.  More decal options are to be released shortly.

  • TSM44-17BU Fokker F.27 Friendship Braathens S.A.F.E.
  • TSM44-17KIT Fokker F.27 Friendship (no decal)


8A Decs released 5 more decals this week.  En route, and due in stock next week are:

That’s all the news for this week!



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New Product Announcements, week ending February 3rd 2018

Well….  with some of our usual sources on vacation, there are non this week.

Our first shipment of 8A Decs will arrive on Wednesday – they are coming UPS, and it sure is interesting watching the tracking as the package wanders around Mexico.  They were in Guadalajara at one point, went to Tlajomulco De Zuniga, and came back to Guadalajara 12 hours later.  It’s in Texas this morning….  so at least in the U.S. now!   As a teaser, here are a few more that are in this delivery…

I am adding images as quickly as I can, and updating what I have learned are sold out, and are available in scales other than 1/144.    I’ve placed my second order, which will take care of all orders received to date, plus another selection “for stock”, and will continue to build up over the next few months.  Unlike a certain decal retailer who orders “to demand”, we try to stock as many decals as we reasonably can so we can ship your order quickly.  Doesn’t always work out, but we are trying!

Finally, I heard from both Welsh Models and BraZ that my latest orders should be ready to ship from them within a week.  Both orders should be here before the end of February,  which should allow us to clear all the back orders.




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New Product Announcements, week ending January 27th 2018 – 8A Decs are Coming Soon!

My first order from 8A Decs is on its way from Mexico, and expected here in about a week.  While 8A certainly specializes in Mexican airliners, they also produce a fairly wide range of decals for some of the more exotic airlines and schemes.

To find them, search “8A144” for 1/144 scale, 8A72 for 1/72 scale, 8A200 for 1/200, 8A48 for 1/48 scales.  You can also find them by clicking “Decals” on the top menu, then “Manufacturer”, then “8A Decs”.  I added over 450 of their decals to the web site last night, so quickest way to look through them is to select “100 per page”, and scroll through.  I have images up for 3 (!!) so far, I’ll add the rest as quickly as I can format and upload them.  My first shipment contains about 60 of their more recent releases, so I will concentrate on adding those first.  If what you want is not in stock, I’ll be placing new orders every Saturday (as I do with DRAW, VFD and TwoSix), and will get them here as quickly as I can.  To wet your appetite, here are a few:

  • 8A144-333 All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8 “First Delivery”
  • 8A144-346 Air Seychelles Airbus A.320
  • 8A144-411 Malaysia Airways Boeing 7377-800 “Negaraku”


TwoSix released a new laser printed decal this week:

  • TS44-871 Malaysia Airlines Airbus A.350-900


Finally, a shipment arrived from BOA Agency Decals – their newest Embraer 195 releases announced some weeks ago are here, along with some restocks and reprints.

Finally, we have a price for the Zvezda Boeing 737-8 MAX kit announced last week.  It is on the website – click ZVE-7026 – to place your order.   Our first batch is expected late March 2018, and pre-release orders will be shipped out as quickly as possible upon its arrival.


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January 21st 2018 – Postage Rate Increase

As I alluded to in the previous post, the US Postal Service has implemented a rate increase of approximately 3.9% effective January 21st 2018.  In many cases, the “first ounce” rate went up, the “each additional” did not, so the effective rate is much less than advertised.

For our U.S. customers:

The cost to mail a single decal (a 5 ounce “Flat”) by “First Class Mail Large Flat” has gone from $1.82 to $1.84.  Each additional ounce (typically 2 decals) remains an additional $0.21 per ounce.  The USPS “rule” for what qualifies as a “Flat” centers around package “flexibility”.  I am finding that 7 decals (8 ounces) is about the limit, anything more than this becomes too inflexible, and must be mailed as a “First Class Package”.  Over 1 pound, the best “decals only” option is “Priority Post Flat Rate Envelope”, which comes with tracking and “Signature Delivery” at $9.10 and up.

We recommend “Priority Post” wherever possible for mailing kits within the U.S., except where the size of the box required exceeds a cubic foot.  Then we find UPS Ground to be a cheaper alternative.  For Priority Post (and for that matter UPS Ground), rates depend on the distance the package has to travel.   Rates go up in 1 pound increments, so often an order for a kit can add quite a lot of decals for no additional postage.   Again, the rate increase appears to be modest.

For our International customers: 

The rates for First Class International Packages went up only slightly (e.g. about 20 cents for a 1 pound shipment).  This service must be used for all orders containing bulky items such as kits, diecast models or resin parts, and for larger and less flexible (8 or more) decals.

The nasty surprise is that the USPS has announced that the “First Class International Flat” rate, which we have been using to ship smaller “Decals Only” orders, can no longer contain “Merchandise”, in accordance with International Postal Union regulations.  This service can only contain documents (and sorry, decals are not documents).   Now, ALL decal orders should be mailed this way.

Good News, however, is that our online label service has a way around this otherwise significant increase.  Customers placing smaller (7 or less) decal orders will now see a new label format, whereby the package first goes to a “Postal Processing Facility” in Torrance California, from where it is then sent to its destination.  Yes, there are TWO addresses on the label (well, actually three if you include my return address).  Yours, and the “Postal Processing Facility”.  Price for this is about mid way between the old “First Class Mail International Flat” and current “First Class Mail International Package” rates.  The last problem is that this is not an official USPS rate, so when my site goes to the USPS to get your postage option, this “special” rate will not appear.  So, you should select the available “First Class Mail International” rate, and I will adjust it (if I can, based on what you order), and refund excess payment.  Note that Customs information is not displayed on this new label, but is sent electronically to your country’s customs service.

One last comment for International customers:  The First Class Mail International Package rates go up in one ounce increments 1 – 8 ounces.  Then anything 8.001 to 32 ounces (1/2lb to 2lb) is the same price.  So, if you find a rate quoted around $22.60, you can probably add more decals (and possibly a LOT more) for the same shipping cost.  The next rate applies to 32.001 to 48 ounces ( 2lbs – 3 lbs), then 48.001 to 64 ounces.  Above 64 ounces ( 4 lbs) “Priority Post International” must be used.

I look forward to continuing to serve your airliner modelling needs for many years !

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New Product Announcements, week ending January 20th 2018

Lots of news this week….

First up, Zvezda has announced a Boeing 737-8 MAX kit in 1/144 scale, which according to the new U.S. distributor should be available March 2018.  The image being circulated shows a Boeing “house” scheme.  It is kit ZVE-7026, and is available now for pre-order.

Boxart Boeing 737-8 MAX 7026 Zvezda

TwoSix has a number of new decals “at the printer” in their STS series.  Available soon are:

  • STS44-282 British European Airlines Dh.106 Comet 4B (“red square” cs)
  • STS44-299 Royal Aircraft Establishment Vickers VC-10
  • STS44-300 Court Line (yellow cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-301 Court Line (pink cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-302 Court Line (turquoise cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-303 Court Line (lilac cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-306 Dan Air London Dh.106 Comet 4B and 4C


Next, we received our first shipments of some new kit releases this week.  Now in stock are the Minicraft “bagged kit” McDD MD-80, and the FRsin 1/144 scale DHC-6 Twin Otter,  BN2A Islander and Trislander, and the Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II kits.  All pre-orders have been mailed.

Finally, the US Postal Service has announced an across the board price increase effective Sunday January 21st that they say is 3.9%.   Both domestic and international, First Class and Priority and Express rates are going up.  I will have further news on this in a separate post later this week.

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New Product Announcements, week ending January 13th 2018

A number of announcements this week…..  makes up for having non last weekend.

First, with thanks to DRAW Decal, I have obtained a supply of 1/144 scale Minicraft MD-80 “bagged kits”.  This kit is arguably one of the best jet kits that Minicraft has released to date.  And at $12 each, they are a bargain!  A set of assembly instructions are included, but no decal.   I am, however, offering the kit with your choice of a DRAW, Liveries Unlimited / AHS, Flying Colors or TwoSix decal as a “package deal”.

I have the kits listed on my site under two product numbers –  DW44-MD80-A which is the number DRAW is using, and M14452B which is what is printed on the packaging.


Next, the package deals:

  • M14452B-SAS1 MD80 “Bagged Kit” with SAS Decal (A4-212) – $21
  • M14452B-SAS2 MD80 “Bagged Kit” with SAS ‘Airplanes’ Decal (A4-207) – $21
  • M14452B-DW44-DC9-xxx “Bagged Kit” with any one DRAW 1/144 Scale MD80 Decal – $20
  • M14452B-TS44-(MD80) “Bagged Kit” with any one TwoSix TS44 series 1/144 Scale MD80 Decal – $23
  • M14452B-FC44-037 “Bagged Kit” with any one Flying Colors 1/144 Scale MD80 Midwest Express MD80 Decal – $20

DRAW also released a new airliner decal this week.  The Republic DC-9-14/15 decal has been modified and re-released as a DC-9-15RC, which features a main deck cargo door, as sheet DW44-DC9-047A in 1/144 scale, DW20-DC9-047A in 1/200, DW12-DC9-047A in 1/120, and DW72-DC9-047A in 1/72 scale.


Next up, I have a shipment en route from FRsin containing their latest 1/144 scale resin model releases of the DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, BN.2A Islander and BN2A-III Trislander.

  • FR14105 Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, TAT
  • FR14107 Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, CAL
  • FR14114 Britten Norman BN.2A Mk III Trislander – Aurigny Air Services
  • FR14115 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Sabena
  • FR14117 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Air Seychelles
  • FR14118 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Olympic Airlines
  • FR14119 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, TAT
  • FR14120 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, British Airways
  • FR14121 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, Air Alpes
  • FR14122 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, Air Seychelles


All of the above have been added to the web site, and are available to order.


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New Product Announcements, week ending December 30th 2017

New releases this week from LPS Decals and DRAW Decal.

LPS released 5 new sheets in 1/144 scale in their civil and military series.

DRAW Decal released a new sheet for the Lufthansa ‘5 Starhansa’ Boeing 747-8I in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:

DW44-747-050A  DW20-747-050A Lufthansa ‘5 Starhansa’ Boeing 747-8I


Finally, DRAW added new decals for the P.51 Mustang.  DWxx-P51-076 is for a P.51D Mustang ‘Stump Jumper’ in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.


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