TwoSix Arrivals – Shorts 330 Kit

My latest shipment from Twotsm44-11ae_air_europe_express_shorts_330-wSix includes a first batch of their 1/144 scale Shorts 330 kit.  It comes with a laser printed decal for Air Europe Express.  It is item TSM44-011AE in the estore.

With this shipment I received a final batch of the 1/144 scale Tristar kits – well, not the kits themselves (TS is sold out), but some extra decals and box labels so that I can “re-label” some of the kits I have left.  I have 8 kits left as of Feb 13th.  Search “TSM44-010” to find them.  Note, the “no decal” model is no longer available to order.

Finally, TwoSix has reprinted a few of their “sold out” silk decals:

The BEA and BOAC sheets are back in stock, Korean will be here in our next shipment, eta early March.




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