New Product Announcements, week ending October 10th 2021

Our decal suppliers have been busy this week, with new releases by Vintage Flyer, 26Decals, and 8ADecs. DRAW Decal has been busy in his personal life this week, he should return with new releases next week. So… lets get started!

Vintage Flyer Decals has released 8 new sets for the 1/144 scale BAC 1-11 kits. There are versions designed to fit the Eastern Express kit and the Airfix kit (with ‘X’ suffixes on the product number).

26 Decals has released three more laser print decals for the Zvezda kit:

  • TS44-​1059 British Airways ‘Sydney 2000’ Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)
  • TS44-1​​066 British Airways ‘Water Dreaming’ Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)

8ADecs has released four additional sets for the Zvezda Boeing 757 kit featuring more of the British Airways ‘World Tails’ (aka ‘Utopia’ scheme). Note that all four require Rolls Royce RB211-535C engines that are not provided in the kit.

The Airfix Concorde kit has arrived. It’s most closely resembles the two prototype airframes, 001 F-WTSS and 002 G-BSST. While the kit provides BOAC markings, no Concorde was ever painted in this scheme.

AFX-051​70V BAC Sud Concorde, BOAC

We missed announcing this one by DRAW, released in September:

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