Zvezda Boeing 757 & 757 Decal Combo Offer

With the arrival of the recently released Zvezda Boeing 757-200 kit at the U.S. distributor, we now have plenty in stock. Imagine, however, our disgust when we learn that our distributor (through a family owned retailer) is selling the kit at a price significantly lower than the base price upon which our “wholesale” price is based. It’s one thing to be in competition with the wholesaler (yes, it’s legally a separate business), but when the owners have the same last name, and the addresses are almost identical…. well… you do the math When they take advantage of their preferred pricing to compete with their own customers, well, business ethics are clearly not part of their vocabulary. Yes it’s legal, but highly unethical.

So, to deal with this, I have decided to offer “kit and decal combos” featuring the kit. Buy any 1/144 scale 757 “airline scheme” decal with a Zvezda 757 kit, save $5 on the package.

To qualify for the discount, your order must contain at least one 1/144 scale 757 “airline scheme” decal of your choice for every Zvezda kit. Decal can be by DRAW Decal, 26Decals, 8ADecs, Flightpath, Apollo Decal, Liveries Unlimited, BOA or AHS (I think that’s all of them!). The only exclusions are the 757 detail decals.

So, place the kit in your shopping cart (see ZVE-7032-Combo ), then add 1/144 scale 757 decals to your cart. You will see the discount added, but at $0.01 value. Upon receipt of your order, I will validate your discount, and apply an additional $5 discount for each 757 kit and decal ordered.

To clarify, if your order contains one kit, and one 757 decal, you will receive a $5 discount. If it contains 2 kits and 1 decal, you will receive a $5 discount. 2 kits and 2 decals – a $10 discount. 2 kits and 3 decals – a $10 discount.

Again, with apologies, I have to manually enter the discount after I have a chance to validate your order. When you place your order, I receive a payment “Authorization” for the full amount. After I validate and apply the discount, I will “Capture” the lesser amount.

If you wish to order additional 757 kits, please use stock number ZVE-7032.

The fine print: This offer is limited to two kits per customer per calendar month. Offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice.


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