New Product Announcements, week ending October 17th 2021

While FunDekals has, sadly, decided to withdraw from the airliner decal market, they continue to produce decals for military subjects and for general use. In this latter category, FunDekals has released four sets of stripe decals. The large sheet provides 5 stripes each of 9 widths, each stripe approximately 9 1/2″ long. The stripes range from approximately 1/64″ up to 1/4″ in width.

While I am on the subject of FunDekals, their airliner decals are all provided without instruction sheets, their intent being that you should download them from their web site, and print if desired. While this gives FunDekals the opportunity to improve and modify their instructions, it can be problematic for some customers who do not have color printers at their disposal. AHS always prints and includes a set of full color instructions with every FunDekals set, where available. If you have purchased a FunDekals sheet elsewhere, and need an instruction sheet, please contact me. I will be happy to mail a set to you for the cost of postage.

FunDekals has released the following stripe sets. FunDekal has not produced instructions, so they are not available or included.

DRAW Decal has released a new set for the MD-11 this week:

DW44-MD​11-013F DW20-MD11-0​13F Lufthansa Cargo (2018 cs) “Thank You MD11 Farewell” McDD MD-11F

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