New Product Announcements, week ending October 2nd 2021

26Decals has released a number of new decals recently, most for the new Zvezda Boeing 757-200 kit.

  • STS44-406 British Airways / Caledonian Airways Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)
  • TS44-​1055 Inter European Airways Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)
  • TS44-​1056 Air Europe / Air Europa Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)
  • TS44-​10​60 British Airways ‘Animals & Trees’ Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)
  • TS44-​10​61 British Airways ‘Whale Rider’ Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)
  • TS44-​10​65 British Airways ‘Blue Poole’ Boeing 757-200 (Zvezda kit)

TS7​2-209 Isle of Scilly Skybus ’25 Years’ DHC-6 Twin Otter

8ADecs released five new sheets this week in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:

  • 8A144-735 Hawaiian Airlines Douglas DC-9-10 / -30

Thunderbird Models released the following earlier this year, with apologies I overlooked adding them to the estore and announcing their arrival:

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