New Product Announcements, week ending April 14th 2018

A lot of news this week, with new decal releases from DRAW Decal, TwoSix, and 8ADecs,  and another welcome series of kit & decal releases by TwoSix,

First, DRAW Decals has been busy with new and updated decal releases.  New airliner releases are:


DRAW updated their KLM 747 sheet in 1/200 scale for the early scheme by adding full stripes, and a host of other detail updates.  Rather than all on one sheet, the scheme is now offered on three separate sheets, depending on which version of the 747 you wish to build.  DRAW is not updating the 1/144 scale sheet at this time.

DRAW also announced two P.51 Mustang decals this week.  DWxx-P51-84 is a P.51D in WW2 era USAAF markings named “Short Fuse Sally”, while DWxx-P51-85 is a P.51D named “Janie”.  Both are available in 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scales.

TwoSix announced a new decal…

  • TS44-892 Sterling Airlines Lockheed L.188 Electra


…  and another kit and decal combination featuring the Roden Boeing 720B kit packaged with a TwoSix laser printed decal.


8ADecs has announced three new decals:

In addition, two older sets are now available in 1/100 scale for the Tamiya kit:


Finally, I have expanded my range of 8ADecs decal offerings to include their wing panel and general detail decal sheets.  Now in stock are:





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