New Product Announcements, week ending April 7th 2018

A much busier week for new airliner decals…

First, TwoSix announced one new laser printed decal in 1/144 scale:

  • TS44-890  Middle East Airlines (final cs) Boeing 720B


On the subject of TwoSix….  I am down to just three left of the TwoSix branded L.1011 Tristar 200 kits (the Eastern Express kits boxed with a TS decal).  With the decals I have left I can put together any three of the following four options:

TwoSix has no plans to release any further Tristar 100, 200 or 500 kits.

8ADecs released three new 1/144 scale laser printed decal sheets this week:

Vintage Flyer announced three new Boeing 737-200 decals, each in 1/144, 1/100, 1/200 and 1/72 scales.

Finally, DRAW Decal announced one new airliner set.


DRAW also released another P.51 Mustang decal.  Sheet DWxx-P51-83 is a P.51R Mustang ‘Precious Metal’, a Rolls Royce Griffon powered Mustang that raced the Reno Air Races.

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