TwoSix Lockheed L.1011 Tristar 500 Kits

TwoSix has announced the imminent release of their 1/144 scale Lockheed L.1011 Tristar 500 models.  These are the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a TwoSix decal.

The EE Tristar 1/100/200 is widely believed to have been patterned from the famous 1/144 scale Otaki Tristar kit, which is accepted as the most accurate injection moulded styrene plastic 1/144 scale L.1011 kit ever made. It is not, however, a direct copy, and the parts breakdown (see for example the rear fuselage is provided as separate parts) is different. It lacks locating pins for mating the fuselage halves, wing halves and stab halves, making assembly a little more challenging. Eastern Express provides a new main fuselage to convert the original model to the shorter series 500.

I am anticipating they will be in stock early March 2018, and am accepting pre-orders.

Offered are:

  • TSM44-018DL Delta Airlines L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-598)
  • TSM44-018PA Pan American  L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-171)
  • TSM44-018BA British Airways, British L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-272)
  • TSM44-018BAL British Airways (Landor cs)  L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-125)
  • TSM44-018RJ Alia Royal Jordanian L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-856)
  • TSM44-018UL Air Lanka L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-281)
  • TSM44-018LT LTU (Germany) L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-274)






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