New Product Announcements, week ending February 17th 2018

A number of new product announcements this week…..

First, DRAW Decal announced three new additions to their extensive decal range:

1:144 Scale:

1:200 Scale:

1:72 Scale:

8A Decs announced three new 1/144 scale decals this week.

  • 8A144-431 Kalstar Aviation ‘Adventure Borneo’ Embraer 195
  • 8A144-432 Southwest ‘California One’ Boeing 737-700
  • 8A144-433 AeroMexico Boeing 777-200ER

Thunderbird Models announced a new 1/144 scale airliner decal this week.


FRsin announced another decal option for their recently released 1/144 scale resin BN.2A Islander kit.

  • FR14116 BN.2A Islander British Airways


After many years of asking, it looks like Roden is going to be the company to finally start delivering the Convair Twins.  ROD334 has been announced as a Convair 340, though as yet with no release date, price, or indication of what airline decal will be included.  Vintage Flyer already offers a lot of the early U.S. airline liveries, and I am sure our other decal makers will be quick to pounce on this one, so we should have lots of choices.

Stay tuned!






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