Latest Welsh Models Arrivals

With the new wcv-44-b737-100-air-cal-wreleases from Roden, FRsin, and to lesser extent Zvezda, I am being more selective which Welsh releases I stock.  Too many Viscounts, Britannias, Comets, Il.18s, Il.62s, Tu154, Constellations, Boeing 720s, DC-8’s and Caravelles went unsold when injection moulded (easier to build, cheaper) were announced and hit the market.   Welsh does make excellent kits, and for years Densil and his team have filled the many gaps.
So now I have to stock less of his range, and fewer copies of each kit.  With that said, I added the following new releases with the arrival of my latest order:

  • WSL-350R Convair 580, Aspenwsl-350r-cv580-aspen-box-w (brown cs) – all resin and white metal kit
  • WCV-44 Boeing 737-100 vacuform fuselage, Air Cal decal (requires an Airfix 737-200 kit to complete the model)

Both items are in stock and ready to ship!

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