Revell Germany 1/72 scale DHC-6 Twin Otter Arrives

The latest 1/72 scale release of the RV3954-DHC6-Box-WRevell Germany DHC-6 Twin Otter arrived at AHS today.  It is kit RV3954, and comes with markings for the Swiss Federal Office of Topography (SwissTopo).

The kit has been absent from the Revell Germany catalog for some years, and has been missed.RV3954-DHC6-Decal-W

The kit started life as a Matchbox kit, and came to the Revell Germany kit portfolio in 1991 when Revell purchased the moulds.  For 10 years, Revell was licensed to continue using the Matchbox name, and released the kit as such.  From 2001 onwards, the kits were released under Revell Germany’s own name and packaging.

In the late 1990’s, Revell Germany sold a run of the kit to ModelCraft Canada, who released the kit in their own packaging, with markings for NorOntair.   A run of kits with Kenn Borek Air markings was planned, I’m not sure if they were ever released.

As with previous releases, the kit includes wheel, ski and float options, the short (series 100 or 200) or long (series 300) nose, clear cabin and cockpit windows, and a reasonably detailed cockpit.

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