Kit and Decal Trade-Ins

From time to time, I am offered kits and decals in trade against new product.  Just such a shipment arrived on Monday, containing some interesting kits and decals.

RV4214-WAlready listed in th eestore are two each RV4220 A.330-300 (GE engines) with the earlier Airbus ‘house’ scheme decals, and RV4214 Airbus A.340-300 with Lufthansa markings.

9/26/14 Update:  I have listed all the remaining Brazil Decals.  One copy each….  they are as follows, priced at $25 each.  They can be found here

  • BD144-009 Alitalia ‘Bulgari’ Boeing 747-200B
  • BD144-031 Sky, EuroCypria, Helios & Travel Service Boeing 737-800
  • BD144-035 Boeing 767-300 – Air Canada, Canadian, Zoom
  • BD144-040 BMI Airbus A.330-200, :Lan Chile Airbus A.340-300
  • BD144-053 Air France, Air France Asia Boeing 747-400 & 777-200
  • BD144-085 Transavia Holland Boeing 737-800 & 757-200, Dutch Bird B.757-200, Air Holland B.757-200
  • BD144-098 Varig, Varig Cargo Boeing 707-320B/C,  727-100C
  • BD144-126 KLM Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo B.747-400F, Dragon Air Cargo B.747-300F *Sold*
  • BD144-169 Caledonian Airbus A320, Air UK Leisure B.737-400, LOT Star Alliance B.737-500, Pacific Blue B.737-800 *Sold*
  • BD144-186 Aero Mexico, ATA ’25th Anniversary’ Boeing 757-200 *Sold*
  • BD144-214 Thai Airways, Thai Star Alliance Boeing 747-400 & MD-11 *Sold*
  • BD144-228 KLM, KLM Asia Boeing 747-400, Martinair Boeing 747-200C *Sold*
  • BD144-260 Thai Airways Airbus A.330-300 & A.300-600R
  • BD144-264 Air Austral, Kenya Airways, KLM Boeing 777-200
  • BD144-430 Boeing 767-300 – Australian, ANA Universal Studios, Etihad *Sold*
  • BD144-453 United Airlines Boeing 777 & 737-300, UA Star Alliance B.767-300, TED A.320
  • BD144-456 NWA Northwest Airbus A.330-300, A.320, B.747-400, B.757-200
  • BD144-600 Singapore Airlines, SIA Star Alliance Boeing 747-400 *Sold*
  • BD144-660 Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400, B.737-200
  • BD144-865 China Airlines, CAL ‘Touch the Heart’ Boeing 747-400 *Sold*

It will take me some time to get them scanned, the images prepared for display.


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