Email Problems

For about the last three weeks, we have been the victim of an email bombardment campaign, that has resulted in thousands of unwanted emails filling our inbox every day, and requiring significant time and effort to rectify.

The result has been that finding the valid emails in this torrent has been very, very difficult.

Luckily, the individual who did this had submitted an order and a message to us that revealed his IP address, and that corresponded to he IP address that some of the “services” I was subscribed to reported as being the source of the subscription.

All of this information has been turned over to the Chandler Police, and I was told would probably be forwarded to the FBI for further action.  Seems such activity across state lines is their ballpark.

I am slowly trying to catch up on the valid emails, will probably take me a few weeks to continue sorting through everything.  My apologies to all who have emailed recently and not received a reply.


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