Hasegawa’s Boeing 777-300ER is here!

HAS10718 Boeing 777-300ER ANA Box

Hasegawa’s previously announced Boeing 777-300ER kit, is here!  HAS-10718 with All Nippon Airways markings arrived yesterday (Feb 28th 2014), and pre-orders shipped out today.

A quick inspection of the kit shows that Hasegawa has modified the upper halves of the wings, allowing either a standard or raked wingtip to be installed.  The wingtips are provided on a new sprue, which provides the raked wingtips only, and not a set of standard wingtips.  Two additional new sprues each provide one GE90 engine.

The wings, with their extended and raked wingtips and GE90 engines are interchangeable with a 777-200 fuselage, allowing an accurate -200F or -200LR to be modeled.   Decals are already available by DRAW Decal for the -200F (FedEx, DHL, Thai Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo, AeroLogic and TNT), and by TwoSix Decals for Lufthansa Cargo.

Update:  The Japan Airlines version of this kit (HAS-10719) arrived March 10th 2014, and again all pre-orders are in the mail.

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