Zvezda’s 2014 Announcements

Zvezda has published their 2014 catalog, which includes announcements for their new kits.  1/144 scale airliners include the following, though with no firm indication of exactly when in 2014 these new kits will actually be released.


ZVE7003 again announces an Airbus A.320 kit, to be released with Aeroflot markings.   As the kit number suggests, this kit has been part of Zvezda’s plans for a while now.  All indications are that this is a new kit, and not the Revell kit released under license.  As Aeroflot’s A.320 fleet is CFM56 powered, it is highly likely that these engines will be in the kit.  At this time we can only hope that Zvezda will include IAE V.2500 engines.


ZVE7011 will be an Ilyushin Il.76MD, again with Aeroflot markings.  You may recall that Trumpeter released three different versions of the Il.76 back in the 90’s, and while these were fairly good kits, there is room for improvement.

The third kit ZVE7013-Il62M-Wplanned for 2014 release is ZVE7013 as the Ilyushin 62M, again and predictably with Aeroflot markings.   Of the three kits announced, this one is the most anxiously awaited as it is the first 1/144 scale injection moulded Ilyushin 62 or 62M announced to date.This one should keep our decal makers busy for a while.

And speaking of the Il.62M….  did you know there was an ex CSA airframe (OK-EBG) parked at Maxton-Laurinbug airport in North Carolina?  It was apparently purchased with the intent to use it for charters, but the company that imported it did so without approval from the FAA.  So, it was parked, and had markings added that say it is a “British Aerospace VC-10” in an attempt to hoodwink the authorities.   There are three photos of it on airliners.net, click the links to see them.  Photo1 Photo2 Photo3  Does anyone know if it is still there?

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