Revell’s New Release Plans for 2019

One of the first emails I received in 2019 was from Revell Germany, announcing their planned 2019 kit releases.  No dates were provided, and they do not currently show up on their web site.  Here is the list, in no particular order:

  • RV3883 Embraer 190, Lufthansa (2018 cs)
  • RV3842 Airbus A.320NEO, Lufthansa (2018 cs)
  • RV3881 Airbus A.350-900, Lufthansa (2018 cs)
  • RV4952 Airbus A.321NEO, Airbus (prototype cs)
  • RV3883 Airbus A.380-800, Emirates (‘Wild Life’ cs)
  • RV3872 Airbus A.380-800, Lufthansa (2018 cs)

It’s good to see the A320NEO and A321NEO kits on the list, but personally I wish Revell could show a little more imagination in their choice of liveries, and a little more flexibility in their choice of airframe manufacturers.

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