New Product Announcements, week ending February 20th 2022

It’s been a very busy week, with new (and re-released) kit arrivals and lots of new decals.

First, some new kits are in stock. The Airfix Trident is, of course, a re-issue of their 1960’s era kit.

Atlantis Models has released the old Revell Boeing 707-121. It’s 1/139 scale, so a little bigger than 1/144. Decals are available for it by Vintage Flyer.

A-H-​246 Boeing 707-121, Boeing ‘house’ cs

DRAW Decal released three more Airbus A.220-300 (a.k.a. Canadair C-Series CS-300) this week, along with a set for the Boeing 777-2F:

DW44-7​77-075 DW20-7​77-075 Qatar Cargo Boeing 777-200F

DW44-A22​0-013 Air France Airbus A.220-300

8ADecs added a pair of Iberia Douglas / McDD aircraft to their offerings in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:

8A14​4-760 8A200​-760 Qatar Airways ‘retro’ cs Boeing 777-300ER

26Decals released five new sets for the Minicraft DC-8-63:

  • TS44-1086 Trans International Airlines (early italic titles) Douglas DC-8-63CF
  • TS44-1087 Trans International Airlines (later block titles) Douglas DC-8-63CF
  • TS44-1088 Trans America / Trans International Airlines Douglas DC-8-63CF

TS44-1​089 Capitol Airlines Douglas DC-8-63CF

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