BraZ Resin Sets for the Zvezda Boeing 757-200 / -300

BraZ Models has announced six new resin sets for the recently released Boeing 757-200 and forthcoming 757-300 kits. The first five sets are expected in stock mid April 2022, with the cartgo door set expected mid May 2022.

The two engine sets are to improve the Zvezda parts, in particular providing the correct front fan for the PW 2000 engine.

The wheels are slightly bulged and flattened to imitate the weight of the aircraft when on the ground. Both the early and later tires are available.

The winglet set provides an improved shape over the Zvezda part.

Finally, the cargo door set provided the opportunity to model a -200C or -200F with its main deck freight door open. A full front to back floor is provided. BraZ has not announced a price for this set as yet.

  • BZ4124 Rolls Royce RB211-535E Engine Intake + Hot Section + Exhaust (Boeing 757, Zvezda kit)
  • BZ4125 Pratt & Whitney PW 2000 Engine Intake + Fan Disk + Exhaust (Boeing 757, Zvezda kit)
  • BZ4126 Boeing 757 – Weighted wheels “Early Type” (Zvezda kit)
  • BZ4127 Boeing 757 – Weighted wheels “Late Type” (Zvezda kit)
  • BZ4128 Boeing 757 – “Scimitar” Winglets (Zvezda kit)
  • BZ4129 Boeing 757 – Boeing 757 – Cargo Door & Interior (Zvezda kit)
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