New Product Announcements, week ending February 13th 2022

We have added a new vendor ! Iliad Decals, from Canada, has released some interesting transport category decals in 1/72 scale. The following are in stock.

  • IL72-015A DHC-6 Twin Otters – Ecuadorian Air Force, Transport Canada Surveillance, US Army, Guatemalan Air Force, International Red Cross, French Air Force
  • IL72-016 Berlin Airlift Douglas C.47 – Berlin Airlift Douglas C.47 – USAF ‘Fassberg – “Flyer” ‘, USAF, USAF European Air transport Service , BOAC
  • IL72-018 USAF Air National Guard Douglas C.47 – Puerto Rico ANG, Virginia ANG, Nebraska ANG, New Mexico ANG
  • IL72-020 Unusual Douglas C.47 – United Nations Canada, USAF / Carco Air Service, USAAF / Northeast Airlines, USAF / Military Air Attache: American Legation, Wellington

DRAW Decal has released a new decal for the Zvezda Boeing 757-200 kit. There are two versions, as Delta applied this livery to both a 6-door and an 8-door 757.

26Decals has released six new sets:

  • TS44-1085 Air Transat (later cs) Boeing 757-200

  • TS44-1084 Air Transat (early cs) Boeing 757-200

8ADecs has released two new sets this week:

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1 Response to New Product Announcements, week ending February 13th 2022

  1. philip morlet says:

    Another great number of liveries, particularly 1-72nd C-47’s.

    Greetings Russ you do great

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