1/144 Scale Zvezda Boeing 757-200 Kit Is Available for Pre-Order

Update July 11th 2021: The kit has been released in eastern Europe, and is on its way to distributors world wide.

Good news is that because of the size of my order, my distributor has removed the shipping charge that gets the kits from his warehouse to me…. so I have passed that savings along in the form of a “Pre Release Price”. All customers who have already placed orders will get the lower price, and refunds will be processed when I ship the kits. The “Pre Release” price will expire the day the kits come through my door.


Further information is now available regarding the forthcoming Zvezda 1/144 scale Boeing 757-200 kit that we have all been eagerly awaiting. It is expected to be released in late July 2021, though will likely not be available in the US until sometime in August.

It has been added to our web site, and we are now accepting pre-orders. While I have ordered a lot of this kit, I do expect sales to exceed initial supply. Deliveries will be “first come, first served”, though I may have to limit quantities sent to individual customers if demand significantly exceeds stock.

ZVE-7​032 Boeing 757-200, Icelandair

CAD images are now posted by Zvezda…..

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