New Product Announcements, week ending June 13th 2021

DRAW Decal began the week with the release of a Japan Airlines Reso’cha Boeing 747 decal.

DW44-​747-086 DW20-747​-086 JALways “Reso’cha” (pink) Boeing 747-200

Next, DRAW released a set for one of the latest U.S. airlines to begin service.

DW44-73​7-189 DW20-​737-189 Avelo Airlines Boeing 737-800

26 Decals has released five new screen printed decals for use on the Eastern Express BAC 1-11-200/-300/-400 kit:

Finally, one more from DRAW Decal. Apparently BraZ is to release a conversion kit for the Zvezda Boeing 767-300 kit to a series 400. The BraZ conversion is scheduled for release late in 2021, I will bring more details once known.

​DW44-767-078​ DW20-​767-078 Delta Airlines (2007 cs) Boeing 767-400ER

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