Canadian Sales Taxes Can Now Be Pre-Paid

Canada, our good neighbor to the north, is our largest E-Commerce export trading partner. Now, duties and taxes for First Class Mail International Service (FCMI) packages to Canada can now be prepaid for one low flat rate.


If Canadian duties and taxes are assessed, Canadian Postal Carriers collect them upon delivery, plus an additional $9.95 (CA$) surcharge.  A package may also be held up in Customs, requiring you to pay duties and taxes before picking up your package.

With prepaid Canadian Duties and Taxes, your First Class Mail International (FCMI) package is delivered directly to your door without delay or any fees due upon delivery.  Our low flat fee covers all taxes free and clear including duties and value added taxes (VAT).   This includes HST in provinces where the GST and PST are combined, and GST plus PST in provinces where it is not.

To take advantage of this service, please add product “CAPPT” (CAnadian Pre Pay Tax) to your order.  This will add the $7.50 charge.  If you prefer to continue paying your HST/GST/PST obligation “the old way”, simply leave this product off your order.  But, I think you will find it saves you a lot of $$$ to include it!


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