26 Decals Ceases Laser Decal Production

As reported earlier, 26Decals has announced, effective October 31st 2019, that they will no longer be offering their laser decals for sale.

Reasons given are to free up more time for other projects.

This means that all “TS” series decals are now in very short supply.  Leading up to this deadline, I placed orders for about 800 sheets to increase my stocks of the more popular subjects.  My last shipment arrived from 26 on Tuesday December 3rd, and is being placed into stock this week.   I will then be performing a full “inventory count” this weekend, and will update my estore as quickly as I can to reflect the numbers.  However as the range covered well over 1200 decals, clearly I could not cover everything, or in large numbers.  My crystal ball wasn’t working very well, and as a consequence some decals are already sold out.

On behalf of myself and all customers, “Thanks Ray” for the work you did to bring us this decal series.  Your subjects were many and varied, and will be missed.

Going forward, 26 intends to continue producing the “STS” screen printed decals, and over time intends to reprint the more popular “TS” laser decals in this format.  No news on what or when, so stay tuned!

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