26Decal (TwoSix) Laser Decal Announcement

TwoSix Decals has announced that as of November 30th 2019, they will be ending production of all their laser printed decals.  The reason given for this decision is that they want to free up time to concentrate on their screen printed decal lines.

This means that all “TS” prefix decals – TS44 (1/144), TS20 (1/200), TS10 (1/100), TS72 (1/72), TS48 (1/48) and TS96 (1/96) decals will no longer be available from TwoSix after that date.   These decals are printed “to demand”, and typically one or two at a time which can be very tedious and time consuming.

The “STS” prefix decals – STS44 (1/144), STS20 (1/200) and STS72 (1/72) scale screen printed decals will continue.   These decals are typically mass-printed at an outside print shop.

TwoSix has said that the more popular “TS” decals will be printed as “STS” decals, but likely that means only the 1/144 scale decals, and it may be a long time before a laser decal gets the screen print treatment.

So….  if there are any TS series decals you’ve had your eye on for a future project, please place your order before November 25th so I have time to place orders for additional stock needed.


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