New Product Announcements, week ending February 24th 2019

8ADecs released three new decals this week for the 1/144 scale BPK Canadair CRJ-700 kit.

  • 8A144-501 Air India Regional Canadair CRJ-700
  • 8A144-502 Alaska Airlines Skywest Canadair CRJ-700
  • 8A144-503 American Eagle Canadair CRJ-700


Additionally, 8ADecs has added to their range of ‘photoreal’ windows with a sheet for the Eastern Express Airbus A.220-100 and -300 (a.k.a. Canadair CS-100 and 300) kits

  • 8A144-PRS-019 Airbus A.220-100 and -300 (a.k.a. Canadair CS-100 and 300)

Back in December LPS Decals announced four new decals that arrived at AHS in early February.  I managed to miss both adding them to the AHS estore and announcing them here, so here goes correcting that oversight.

26Decals has released their new National Airlines Boeing 747 decal in 1/100 scale:

  • TS10-055 National Airlines Boeing 747-135


26 Decals added some airframe variety with this next new 1/144 and 1/200 scale releases:





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