26Decals releases BOAC Boeing 747-436 Decals

Well, the 1:1 rolled out of the paint shop in Dublin and departed to Heathrow early Monday morning (Feb 18th 2019), with photos and videos appearing very quickly on hobbyist web sites.  Personally, well done BA!

Here is a link to the Airways web site article, which includes both photos and video of the aircraft.


26Decals wasted no time putting the finishing touches on their decals.  The 1/200 scale version will be in stock shortly.   The 1/144 scale version is a silk screen printed decal and will be back from the printer likely at the end of March or early April.  The 1/200 scale version is laser printed, and is in stock.


Two additional 747’s will be painted in retro schemes shortly – one each in the Negus & Negus scheme (G-CIVB) and Landor scheme (G-BNLY).  Additionally, Airbus A.319 G-EUPJ will be painted in the iconic BEA ‘red square’ scheme.  The 747’s will retain these liveries until their scheduled retirement.

Caution though, for one 747 (VB) retirement is expected by the end of 2019.  It is hoped, though not yet confirmed, that other BA ‘retro’ schemes will appear, with BEA’s ‘Speedjack’ most often mentioned.   At one time or another BA bought and absorbed Dan Air London and British Caledonian Airways, and there are other retro BEA and BOAC schemes that would be nice to see again.  So, BA, congrats on the BOAC, a great start, let’s keep it going !

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1 Response to 26Decals releases BOAC Boeing 747-436 Decals

  1. John Leah says:

    I have this set and are presently applying them to a Hasegawa 1/200 747 with Contrails RB211 long sleeve engines – the decal sheet is good

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