New Product Announcements, week ending October 20th 2018

26Decals has announced that two more decals are ‘at the printer’ this week.  ETA for in stock is mid November.

  1. STS44-211 Iberia Douglas DC-8-63 (updated reprint of an earlier release)
  2. STS44-317 Tui Boeing 787-8 / -9


In addition, six recently announced 26Decals releases are back from the printer and in stock:

  • STS44-304 Finnair / IAS Cargo Douglas DC-8-62CF (replaces TS44-408)
  • STS44-312 Pan Am Boeing 747-121A (delivery cs, replaces STS44-106)
  • STS44-313 Pan Am Boeing 747-121A (later cs, replaces STS44-107)
  • STS44-314 Pan Am Boeing 747-121A (‘Billboard’ cs, replaces STS44-108)
  • STS44-315 Pan American B.727-21C (earlier cs, replaces STS44-105)
  • STS44-316 Pan American B.727-21C (later cs, replaces STS44-111)


8ADecs announced two new decals on Friday:

  • 8A144-483 AeroMexico McDD DC-10-30 (very limited edition)
  • 8A144-484 China Airlines ‘Pink Carbon’ Airbus A.350-900



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