New Product Announcements, week ending August 4th 2018

This week 8ADecs announced three new decals:

  • 8A100-469  Alaska Airlines (2016 cs) Embraer 175
  • 8A144-470 Emirates ‘Year of Zayed 2018’ Boeing 777-300ER
  • 8A144-471 Royal Nepal Airlines Airbus A.330-200

8ADecs has indicated the 1/100 scale Alaska Airlines Embraer 175 sheet (for the Tamiya kit) is a limited edition sheet, as the white decal is silk screened, and only a limited number of copies are available.

1/96 Scale Viscount 800

I recently obtained a very limited number of Authentic Airliners resin 1/96 scale Vickers Viscount 800 conversion sets.  This set comprises a hollow resin forward fuselage, a set of four engine cowls to modify the Rolls Royce Dart engines, and two styles of the radar nose cone.

I am offering these as a package with a Glencoe 1/96 injection molded Viscount 700 kit (with instructions, no decal) and an AHS 1/96 scale Viscount 800 Window Decal (AHS9116).  At time of writing, I have just three sets available.  See TSR96-01-Conv-Set to order.



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