Recent Contrails Releases and Arrivals

A while ago Contrails released engine sets to allow conversion of the Nitto / Doyusha 1/100 scale DC-8-62 to other versions.  Now in stock at AHS are:

The Nitto kit is a series 62, so needs to be lengthened to build a series 61 /73 or 71 / 73.   Conversion kits to facilitate this are on order, and will be announced when in stock.  On order from Contrails, and coming soon is a replacement 1/100 scale DC-8 nose to improve the shape, and parts to convert it to a series 61 or 63.

Other recent arrivals from Contrails include:

  • CM44-A330-Cargo Conversion, allowing a -200F to be built from the Revell -300 kit.
  • CM44-DC10-E GE CF6-6 or -50 Engines (2+), DC-10-10/-30 (includes early “splitter” hot exhaust or later “spike”, and #2 engine intake )

Contrails previously released GE TF-39 engines for the 1/144 scale C5A/B Galaxy, now joined by a set of GE CF6 engines for the updated C5M Galaxy.  Both versions are in stock:

  • CM44-C5-ENG GE TF-39 Engines (4),  Lockheed C5A/B Galaxy
  • CM44-C5M-ENG GE CF6-80C2 Engines (4), Lockheed C5M Galaxy


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