Collection Sale

Occasionally I am offered collections of kits and decals by modelers who for various reasons want to ‘thin the pile’.  More recently I was offered some kits that had been donated to a local hobby shop for onward donation to patients at a local VA facility.   They aren’t too interested in civilian aircraft, so the hobby shop auctioned the models, and are using the funds generated to buy and donate kits more suited to their interests. A ‘win-win’ all round!

I have created a category called “Collection Sale 2018” for these, and a few other kits I’ve accumulated over the last few years.  Look on the left side of my home page, look for group 4 “Collectors Corner”, it’s the first sub category.  Or click HERE !

Most are 1/144 scale, and include a number of out of production Minicraft kits.  All have been inspected, and are as described for each model.  I have just one of each, so once sold, I have no more until another collection comes my way.  Some have already sold while I was putting this post together.  Here are some of the highlights:

Minicraft, 1/144 scale:

  • M14447  Douglas C-118 (DC-6B) USAF ‘Independence’
  • M14465 Boeing 727-200, United Airlines
  • M14482 Boeing 757-200, Trans World Airlines
  • M14496 Douglas DC-6B American Airlines
  • M14582 Douglas DC-6B United Airlines
  • M14521 Douglas DC-8-71, Delta Airlines

There are also some “bagged kits” available – complete kits, without box, decal or instructions.  They include the following:

Revell Germany, 1/144 Scale:

  • RV4258 Fokker 100 KLM, Swissair

Heller, 1/72 Scale:

Good hunting !






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