New Product Announcements, week ending February 3rd 2018

Well….  with some of our usual sources on vacation, there are non this week.

Our first shipment of 8A Decs will arrive on Wednesday – they are coming UPS, and it sure is interesting watching the tracking as the package wanders around Mexico.  They were in Guadalajara at one point, went to Tlajomulco De Zuniga, and came back to Guadalajara 12 hours later.  It’s in Texas this morning….  so at least in the U.S. now!   As a teaser, here are a few more that are in this delivery…

I am adding images as quickly as I can, and updating what I have learned are sold out, and are available in scales other than 1/144.    I’ve placed my second order, which will take care of all orders received to date, plus another selection “for stock”, and will continue to build up over the next few months.  Unlike a certain decal retailer who orders “to demand”, we try to stock as many decals as we reasonably can so we can ship your order quickly.  Doesn’t always work out, but we are trying!

Finally, I heard from both Welsh Models and BraZ that my latest orders should be ready to ship from them within a week.  Both orders should be here before the end of February,  which should allow us to clear all the back orders.




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