New Product Announcements, week ending January 20th 2018

Lots of news this week….

First up, Zvezda has announced a Boeing 737-8 MAX kit in 1/144 scale, which according to the new U.S. distributor should be available March 2018.  The image being circulated shows a Boeing “house” scheme.  It is kit ZVE-7026, and is available now for pre-order.



TwoSix has a number of new decals “at the printer” in their STS series.  Available soon are:

  • STS44-282 British European Airlines Dh.106 Comet 4B (“red square” cs)
  • STS44-299 Royal Aircraft Establishment Vickers VC-10
  • STS44-300 Court Line (yellow cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-301 Court Line (pink cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-302 Court Line (turquoise cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-303 Court Line (lilac cs) BAC 1-11-500
  • STS44-306 Dan Air London Dh.106 Comet 4B and 4C


Next, we received our first shipments of some new kit releases this week.  Now in stock are the Minicraft “bagged kit” McDD MD-80, and the FRsin 1/144 scale DHC-6 Twin Otter,  BN2A Islander and Trislander, and the Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II kits.  All pre-orders have been mailed.

Finally, the US Postal Service has announced an across the board price increase effective Sunday January 21st that they say is 3.9%.   Both domestic and international, First Class and Priority and Express rates are going up.  I will have further news on this in a separate post later this week.

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