New Product Announcements, week ending January 13th 2018

A number of announcements this week…..  makes up for having non last weekend.

First, with thanks to DRAW Decal, I have obtained a supply of 1/144 scale Minicraft MD-80 “bagged kits”.  This kit is arguably one of the best jet kits that Minicraft has released to date.  And at $12 each, they are a bargain!  A set of assembly instructions are included, but no decal.   I am, however, offering the kit with your choice of a DRAW, Liveries Unlimited / AHS, Flying Colors or TwoSix decal as a “package deal”.

I have the kits listed on my site under two product numbers –  DW44-MD80-A which is the number DRAW is using, and M14452B which is what is printed on the packaging.


Next, the package deals:

  • M14452B-SAS1 MD80 “Bagged Kit” with SAS Decal (A4-212) – $21
  • M14452B-SAS2 MD80 “Bagged Kit” with SAS ‘Airplanes’ Decal (A4-207) – $21
  • M14452B-DW44-DC9-xxx “Bagged Kit” with any one DRAW 1/144 Scale MD80 Decal – $20
  • M14452B-TS44-(MD80) “Bagged Kit” with any one TwoSix TS44 series 1/144 Scale MD80 Decal – $23
  • M14452B-FC44-037 “Bagged Kit” with any one Flying Colors 1/144 Scale MD80 Midwest Express MD80 Decal – $20

DRAW also released a new airliner decal this week.  The Republic DC-9-14/15 decal has been modified and re-released as a DC-9-15RC, which features a main deck cargo door, as sheet DW44-DC9-047A in 1/144 scale, DW20-DC9-047A in 1/200, DW12-DC9-047A in 1/120, and DW72-DC9-047A in 1/72 scale.


Next up, I have a shipment en route from FRsin containing their latest 1/144 scale resin model releases of the DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, BN.2A Islander and BN2A-III Trislander.

  • FR14105 Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, TAT
  • FR14107 Swearingen Sa.226 Metro II, CAL
  • FR14114 Britten Norman BN.2A Mk III Trislander – Aurigny Air Services
  • FR14115 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Sabena
  • FR14117 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Air Seychelles
  • FR14118 Britten Norman BN.2A Islander, Olympic Airlines
  • FR14119 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, TAT
  • FR14120 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, British Airways
  • FR14121 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, Air Alpes
  • FR14122 De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300, Air Seychelles


All of the above have been added to the web site, and are available to order.


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