Airfix 03171 Vickers Vanguard kit is in stock

Airfix has re-released their 1/144 scale Vickers VanguarAFX-03171-Vickers-Vanguard-d kit, and it is in stock at AHS.  It has been released with decals for BEA’s iconic ‘Red Square’ livery and with Invicta International markings.  It is kit AFX-03171.

This was always a decent kit, this release being moulded with light grey plastic, and including transparent parts for all the cockpit and cabin windows.  I couldn’t find any flash on either the parts or the sprues, not bad for a 50 year old mould!    The decal is very nicely done, includes all cheat lines, door outlines, etc crisply printed.  The  registration for the BEA (G-APEL) aircraft is printed in white requiring that the black band be painted on the fin.

One disappointment, especially given that Airfix has been working hard to improve a lot of their military re-releases, is that three of the four forward engine cowls continue to be a poor fit the the section of cowl moulded on the wings.  Perhaps on of our resin parts makers will step in with a set that fit a little better?


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