What I do for fun!

IceHouseWith apologies if I don’t quickly reply to emails, but I am very busy this week working to build a new home for the Coyotes Curling Club (see www.coyotescurling.com).   I am working to complete orders each night.

The illustration is a very accurate artists rendering….  that wall you see is under construction, and has to be finished so we can remove construction equipment so we can finish laying a first layer of leveling sand so we can put down insulation so we can lay the pipes for the refrigeration system on Saturday. So much to do!  This is a major deadline that is critical to the project.  ** Friday evening update – the wall is done, leveling the floor is well under way.

When we are finished, and open mid February, we will have the only dedicated Curling Club in the south western US.  The nearest clubs with similar facilities are in Seattle WA, Portland OR and Bismark ND.

I am working on orders when I get home….  but most nights it is after 11pm, and I am very tired.  I should be back to AHS full time (and more!) next week.

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