DRAW Decal Announcements

DRAW Decal has announced three new decals over the last week, all of which have been added to my eStore, and are available to order.


First, the Delta Boeing 767-400 in the ‘wavy tail’ scheme is available in 1/144 scale (DW44-767-060) and 1/200 scale (DW20-767-060).   

In 1/144 scale, this decal fits a converted Revell Germany or Zvezda kit, modified with the BraZ conversion.

In 1/200 scale, it fits either a refinished Hogan (or other) snap fit 767-400 model. 

44-747-51-2Second is the Saudia Cargo Boeing 747-800F, available in 1/144 scale (DW44-747-051) and 1/200 scale (DW20-747-051).

In 1/144 scale this decal will look great on the soon to be released Revell Germany Boeing 747-800F kit (RV4885, eta for release May 2014).   In 1/200 scale, it will fit a repainted Hogan or other 747-800F.


Finally, sets have been released for the Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900, available in 1/144 scale (DW44-737-146) and in 1/200 scale (DW20-737-146).

In 1/144 scale, convert the Revell Germany 737-800 kit to a series 900 either by adding extra fuselage length from a second model, or by replacing the fuselage with the Contrails resin fuselage (CM44-737-900).  In 1/200 scale, the choices are to convert a Hasegawa 737-700 or -800, or repaint a Hogan or similar 737-900 model.

All six sets will be in stock shortly.  They are all available to order now, and will be shipped on a first ordered first sent basis.

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