Minicraft DC-8-63 / -71 / -73 “Bagged Kit” are Here !

DRAW Decal arranged with Minicraft for a batch of their excellent 1/144 scale DC-8-63 / 71 / -73 kit as “bagged kits”.  The kit includes both PW JT3D ‘smooth cowl” engines as fitted to the DC-8-63 (as released by Minicraft with Eastern Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines markings), and the CFM56 engines that were fitted to the -71, -72 and -73 series (as released by Minicraft with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southern Airlines markings).  The kits include both the short and extended wingtips.


I am also offering the kit as a “package deal” with the Avigraphics DC-8 “windows & details” decal, or with a DRAW DC-8 decal, or with a TwoSix DC-8 decal.


  • M14521B-TS44-DC8  DC-8-63 / -71 / -73 “Bagged Kit” with any TwoSix DC-8 Laser Decal
  • M14521B-STS44-DC8  DC-8-63 / -71 / -73 “Bagged Kit” with any TwoSix DC-8 “Silk”Decal (subject to limited availability)

DC-8 Conversions – Alternative Engines

The mold designers very thoughtfully included ‘cut here’ marks inside the fuselage as a guide to converting the kit to a series 62 / 72, and to all the shorter -11 through -51 aircraft.  Engines are available by Contrails and by BraZ to convert the kit to these other versions.

  • CM44-DC8-20E  PW JT4A engines for the series 20 and series 30
  • CM44-DC8-40E  Rolls Royce Conway Engines
  • CM44-DC8-50E  PW JT3D-3 Engines, DC-8-50 series, and series 61
  • BZ4094  PW JT4A Engines for the series 20 and series 30
  • BZ4093 PW JT3D-3 Engines, DC-8-50 series, and series 61
  • Use the kit supplied JT3D “smooth cowl” engines for a series 62


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Collection Sale

Occasionally I am offered collections of kits and decals by modelers who for various reasons want to ‘thin the pile’.  More recently I was offered some kits that had been donated to a local hobby shop for onward donation to patients at a local VA facility.   They aren’t too interested in civilian aircraft, so the hobby shop auctioned the models, and are using the funds generated to buy and donate kits more suited to their interests. A ‘win-win’ all round!

I have created a category called “Collection Sale 2018” for these, and a few other kits I’ve accumulated over the last few years.  Look on the left side of my home page, look for group 4 “Collectors Corner”, it’s the first sub category.  Or click HERE !

Most are 1/144 scale, and include a number of out of production Minicraft kits.  All have been inspected, and are as described for each model.  I have just one of each, so once sold, I have no more until another collection comes my way.  Some have already sold while I was putting this post together.  Here are some of the highlights:

Minicraft, 1/144 scale:

  • M14447  Douglas C-118 (DC-6B) USAF ‘Independence’
  • M14465 Boeing 727-200, United Airlines
  • M14482 Boeing 757-200, Trans World Airlines
  • M14496 Douglas DC-6B American Airlines
  • M14582 Douglas DC-6B United Airlines
  • M14521 Douglas DC-8-71, Delta Airlines

There are also some “bagged kits” available – complete kits, without box, decal or instructions.  They include the following:

Revell Germany, 1/144 Scale:

  • RV4258 Fokker 100 KLM, Swissair

Heller, 1/72 Scale:

Good hunting !






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New Product Announcements, week ending July 7th 2018

TwoSix released a new decal in 1/144 scale in their laser printed decal series.

  • TS44-877 Jersey European Fokker F.27-500 Friendship


8ADecs released a silk screen printed windows, details and stencils sheet in 1/144 scale.



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New Product Announcements, week ending June 30th 2018

8ADecs released four new sets this week.



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New Product Announcements, week ending June 23rd 2018

Not a lot to report this week….

TwoSix’s newest releases are back from the printer, and will be here in my next shipment.

  • STS44-307 Pakistan International Boeing 707-320C
  • STS44-308 Pakistan International Boeing 720B
  • STS44-309 Pakistan International Boeing 747-200B
  • STS44-310 Pakistan International McDD DC-10-30

TwoSix also re-released two screen printed sheets that had sold out of their earlier print runs:

  • STS44-245 British Airways Boeing 777-200 / 300ER
  • STS44-265 Cathay Pacific L.1011 Tristar


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New Product Announcements, week ending June 16th 2018

DRAW Decal released a new set for the new Lufthansa cs on the Airbus A.350.


8ADecs has been busy…  first, two new decal sets in 1/144 scale:

8ADecs updated their Southwest Airlines (2015 cs) decal (8A144-246) to include registrations for the Boeing 737-MAX8 fleet.  This decal can now be used to finish a 737-700, 737-800 or 737-MAX8.

They also produced an add-on sheet for the Disney themed ‘Coco’ 737-700 (N7816B), available in 1/144 scale as 8A144-246C.


8ADecs has made some more of their decals available in 1/200 scale.  Just added to my site for the Hasegawa kits are:

LPS released four more decals this week



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Welsh Models (finally) Arrived July 3rd !

My latest Welsh Models order, which includes both some  restocks and newer releases, finally arrived July 3rd 2018.  They were delayed by a postal error, and have now made the trip between South Wales and Chandler AZ three times …  but they are here now!

The new 1/144 scale releases are:

  • WSL-395R Boeing 737-MAX8 Air Canada (2017 cs) (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WSL-398R Bae 4100 Jetstream 41, British Airways (all resin kit)
  • WSL-400R Saab 2000, Swiss (all resin kit)
  • WSL-402R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Hunting Cargo (all resin kit)
  • WSL-413P BAC 1-11-500, British European Airways (Vac/Resin kit)
  • WSL-414R BAC 1-11-500, British European Airways (all resin kit)
  • WSL-415P Curtiss C.46 Riddle Airways (Vac/Resin kit)
  • WSL-416R Boeing 737-MAX8 WestJet Canada (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WSL-417R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Summit, Nomad Air, Alkan Air (all resin kit)
  • WSL-419R Fh.227D, Nordair Canada (all resin kit)
  • WSL-421R Boeing 737-MAX8 American Airlines (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WYO-10R General Aviation GA.43, Western Airlines (all resin kit)

For Welsh Models kits, the last letter of the product number indicates the materials the kit is made from.  “P” indicates a vac & resin kit, “R” indicates all-resin.


And in 1/72 scale:

  • WMT72/16  Boeing P-8A Poseidon, Royal Australian Air Force

Images will be attached as soon as my order arrives, and I have a few minutes to scan and format them.


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New TwoSix and Vintage Flyer Releases, June 10th 2018

Well, no sooner do I publish a post with new releases for June 9th, than on June 10th TwoSix and Vintage Flyer both released new decals.

TwoSix was first, releasing a laser printed decal in 1/144 scale.

  • TS44-894  Philippine Airlines Airbus A.350-900



Vintage Flyer released five new DC-4 sheets in 1/144 and 1/72 scales.

Trans World Airlines DC-4 decals have been previously released by DRAW Decal (in 1/144 and 1/72 scales) and by LPS Decals (1/144 scale).



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New Product Announcements, week ending June 9th 2018

8ADecs released three new decals in 1/144 and 1/100 this week.  Two airliner schemes, and one additional “Photoreal” window set for teh 747-8I.


The Delta Connection sheet features the Embraer 175, the similar Embraer 170 has previously been released by DRAW Decal, also in 1/144 and 1/100 scales.


On the subject of DRAW Decal….  they have formally released their American Airlines Boeing 737-MAX8 sheets.  This decal is available as an option in the recently released Welsh Models resin MAX8 kit (along with Air Canada and WestJet, separately, not all in one kit!).


Hey!   The reg that DRAW has chosen as the primary on this sheet has my initials!  Cool…  I just might have to build one (to sit alongside my British Caledonian 737-200 G-BRMB!).

Segue nicely to Welsh Models:  I have an order from Welsh in process, which should leave Wales early next week.   As soon as I have confirmation of its contents I will add the new items to the site, and will publish a “special edition” entry to this blog, but to whet your appetite just a little, Welsh’s recently released trio of 1/144 scale Boeing 737-MAX8 kits (American Airlines, Air Canada and WestJet Canada) should all be included.



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New Product Announcements, week ending June 2nd 2018

It seems the French airline Frenchblue attracted the attention of another “blue” airline, who objected to their name as being “too similar” to theirs.  Sacre Bleu !  Really “Jet” ?  So, Frenchblue changed their name to Frenchbee.  Sacre bee !!  DRAW has updated their Airbus A.350 decal to offer either name….



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