New Product Announcements, week ending March 10th 2018

First, DRAW Decal released two new airliner decals this week:

The Air Canada decal is included in a newly released Welsh Models resin 1/144 scale Boeing 737-MAX8 kit.

Next, TwoSix released two more F.27 kits and decals:

We were expecting to have news of the Revell Germany Airbus A.320NEO and A.321NEO kits by now, but to date there is nothing on the Revell Germany website, nor on any of the modelling websites that usually herald forthcoming releases.  One such site lists the followig as expected to be released in 2018 (though not yet showing on Revell’s web site) are the following:

  • RV3910 Douglas C.54D USAF ‘Berlin Airlift’ (1/72 scale, April 2018)
  • RV3922 Airbus A.380-800 British Airways (1/144 scale, June 2018) (was previously expected to be Emirates)
  • RV3912 Boeing 747-8F United Parcel Service (1/144 scale, July 2018)
  • RV4958 Antonov 225 ‘Mrija’ (1/144 scale, November 2018)
  • RV3920 Douglas C.54D USAF ‘Thunderbirds’ (platinum edition) (1/72 scale, November 2018)

Our distributors are not showing any of these as yet, so prices are not known at this time.  I’ll add them to the web site and make further announcements as this information becomes available.

Welsh Models continues to release new 1/144 scale airliner kits, and while most new releases are of the less popular aircraft types, Welsh does sometimes release a model that competes directly with an injection moulded kit.  Case in point, this month Welsh released two Boeing 737-MAX8 all resin kits, with Air Canada (2017 cs) or WestJet Canada decals.  I have just ordered:

  • WSL-395R Boeing 737-MAX8 Air Canada (2017 cs) (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WSL-416R Boeing 737-MAX8 WestJet Canada (all resin kit)
  • WSL-417R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan
  • WSL-402R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Hunting
  • WSL-413P BAC 1-11-500, BEA (red square cs)
  • WSL-414R
  • WSL-415P Curtiss C.46 Riddle
  • WSL-400R Saab 2000, Swiss
  • WSL-398R Bae 4100 Jetstream 41, British Airways
  • WY-10R GA.43 Clark, Western Airlines

These are not on the web site yet, as I need to figure out prices.  I’ll do so asap, and once on the site, I will add links to this post.




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New Product Announcements, week ending March 3rd 2018

It has been a very busy week for new decal announcements.

First, DRAW Decal released three new airliner sets this week.


TwoSix released three new decals, including two more for the Eastern Express L.1011 Tristar 500 kit.  The Tristar decals are available with a kit, or separately.

  • TS44-880  Air India L.1011 Tristar 500
  • TS44-881  Sudan Airways L.1011 Tristar 500
  • TS44-882  Pakistan International Boeing 720B
  • TSM44-018AI  Air India L.1011 Tristar 500 (kit and decal)
  • TSM44-018SD Sudan Airways L.1011 Tristar 500 (kit and decal)


Not to be left behind, 8ADecs released five new sheets this week:

  • 8A144-434  Mexicana (green cs) Fokker 100
  • 8A144-435  Mexicana ‘Saltillo’ (purple cs) Fokker 100
  • 8A144-436  Mexicana ‘Talaver’ (yellow cs) Fokker 100
  • 8A144-437  Air Koryo Ilyushin 18
  • 8A144-438  Air Canada (2017 cs) Boeing 777-300ER



All are available to order on our web site, and will be here with our next delivery from the respective manufacturers.




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Ebbro 1/48 Scale Honda HA-420 HondaJet

Our distributor has let us know that the Ebbro 1/48 scale Honda Aircraft Company HA-420 HondaJet model is on its way, and should be available late March to mid April.  Kit number is EBR-48001.

The Honda Jet is a small twin engined corporate jet that entered service in April 2016.  They are built at Greensboro, North Carolina, at a current rate of about 4 a month.  An unusual feature is that the two engines are mounted on pylons above the wings, not to the rear fuselage, apparently to provide more cabin and baggage space.

The kit features a removable upper fuselage moulded in both blue and red plastic (i.e. two separate and complete parts), which reveals a detailed cockpit and cabin when removed.  The rest of the kit is moulded primarily in white plastic, with added clear and separate chrome plated wing and stab leading edges and engine intake rings.   A decal sheet which includes decals for the three flat panel flight displays provides markings for the red and blue trimmed aircraft.  Interestingly, the Honda development aircraft were painted in a similar scheme, featuring blue, red, yellow, hunter green and silver trim.  I wonder if more decal options will be made available in future releases?


This is the first new corporate jet model in 1/48 scale since Hasegawa released their trio of a Cessna 500 Citation 1, Gates Learjet 35A and Dassault Falcon 10 back in the 80’s.  Lets hope this is not a “one and done”!

I am accepting pre-orders, again the kit number is EBR-48001.

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New Product Announcements, week ending February 24th 2018

It has been a busy week, with a number of new kit and decal releases announced and available.  So let’s get started!

First, DRAW Decal followed their American Airlines Boeing 787 sheets (announced earlier in the week, see previous post) with a new one for the MD-80.


Next, TwoSix announced that their 1/144 scale L.1011 Tristar 500 kits are available, and with some added decal options.  These are the Eastern Express kit, packaged by TwoSix with one of their laser or silk screened decals.  I have an initial batch on order, which should be here a week from now.  See our earlier post for the previously announced Tristars. Added are:

TwoSix also added two additional 1/144 scale Fokker F.27 options.  Again, please see our earlier post for the earlier releases.  For these new options, the full kit with decal is available, as is the decal on its own.

  • TSM44-017UK  F.27 Kit with Air UK (earlier scheme)
  • TSM44-017UK1 F.27 Kit with Air UK (later scheme)
  • TS44-876 Air UK (earlier scheme) Fokker F.27 (decal only)
  • TS44-879 Air UK (later scheme) Fokker F.27 (decal only)


USPS US Shipping Options Update

Along with new rates, the US Postal Service tightened up their definition of what is considered “flexible” to qualify for the domestic and international First Class Envelope rates.  They say that my thicker packages, those with more decals inside, are not sufficiently flexible.  By demonstrating different packages with different numbers of decals, we have concluded that 5 decals is the upper limit under the “decals only” option.  More than 5 does not flex sufficiently to be processed through their machines, and must be sent as “First Class Package/Thick Envelope”.  These rates are already available for International packages, and have been added to our site for US domestic packages.  The good news is that these packages include tracking.







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American Airlines 787 by DRAW Decal

Today DRAW Decal announced decals for the Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 in American Airlines markings, both in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.

Our first batch of each should be here March 2nd.   Please get your order in asap, we’ll be filling orders first come first served.




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New Product Announcements, week ending February 17th 2018

A number of new product announcements this week…..

First, DRAW Decal announced three new additions to their extensive decal range:

1:144 Scale:

1:200 Scale:

1:72 Scale:

8A Decs announced three new 1/144 scale decals this week.

  • 8A144-431 Kalstar Aviation ‘Adventure Borneo’ Embraer 195
  • 8A144-432 Southwest ‘California One’ Boeing 737-700
  • 8A144-433 AeroMexico Boeing 777-200ER

Thunderbird Models announced a new 1/144 scale airliner decal this week.


FRsin announced another decal option for their recently released 1/144 scale resin BN.2A Islander kit.

  • FR14116 BN.2A Islander British Airways


After many years of asking, it looks like Roden is going to be the company to finally start delivering the Convair Twins.  ROD334 has been announced as a Convair 340, though as yet with no release date, price, or indication of what airline decal will be included.  Vintage Flyer already offers a lot of the early U.S. airline liveries, and I am sure our other decal makers will be quick to pounce on this one, so we should have lots of choices.

Stay tuned!






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TwoSix Lockheed L.1011 Tristar 500 Kits

TwoSix has announced the imminent release of their 1/144 scale Lockheed L.1011 Tristar 500 models.  These are the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a TwoSix decal.

The EE Tristar 1/100/200 is widely believed to have been patterned from the famous 1/144 scale Otaki Tristar kit, which is accepted as the most accurate injection moulded styrene plastic 1/144 scale L.1011 kit ever made. It is not, however, a direct copy, and the parts breakdown (see for example the rear fuselage is provided as separate parts) is different. It lacks locating pins for mating the fuselage halves, wing halves and stab halves, making assembly a little more challenging. Eastern Express provides a new main fuselage to convert the original model to the shorter series 500.

I am anticipating they will be in stock early March 2018, and am accepting pre-orders.

Offered are:

  • TSM44-018DL Delta Airlines L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-598)
  • TSM44-018PA Pan American  L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-171)
  • TSM44-018BA British Airways, British L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-272)
  • TSM44-018BAL British Airways (Landor cs)  L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-125)
  • TSM44-018RJ Alia Royal Jordanian L.1011 Tristar 500 (TS44-856)
  • TSM44-018UL Air Lanka L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-281)
  • TSM44-018LT LTU (Germany) L.1011 Tristar 500 (STS44-274)






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New Product Announcements, week ending February 10th 2018

We have one new DRAW Decal release this week for the Boeing 737-800 in 1/144 and 1/200 scales.  It is designed to fit the Revell Germany or Zvezda 737-800 kits in 1/144, and the  Hasegawa kit in 1/200 scale.


Next, TwoSix has released a 1/144 scale injection moulded Fokker F.27-200 kit.   The plastic is the Eastern Express kit, packaged with a decal by TwoSix.  Two options are currently available –  with Braathens S.A.F.E. decal, or optionally without a decal.  More decal options are to be released shortly.

  • TSM44-17BU Fokker F.27 Friendship Braathens S.A.F.E.
  • TSM44-17KIT Fokker F.27 Friendship (no decal)


8A Decs released 5 more decals this week.  En route, and due in stock next week are:

That’s all the news for this week!



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New Product Announcements, week ending February 3rd 2018

Well….  with some of our usual sources on vacation, there are non this week.

Our first shipment of 8A Decs will arrive on Wednesday – they are coming UPS, and it sure is interesting watching the tracking as the package wanders around Mexico.  They were in Guadalajara at one point, went to Tlajomulco De Zuniga, and came back to Guadalajara 12 hours later.  It’s in Texas this morning….  so at least in the U.S. now!   As a teaser, here are a few more that are in this delivery…

I am adding images as quickly as I can, and updating what I have learned are sold out, and are available in scales other than 1/144.    I’ve placed my second order, which will take care of all orders received to date, plus another selection “for stock”, and will continue to build up over the next few months.  Unlike a certain decal retailer who orders “to demand”, we try to stock as many decals as we reasonably can so we can ship your order quickly.  Doesn’t always work out, but we are trying!

Finally, I heard from both Welsh Models and BraZ that my latest orders should be ready to ship from them within a week.  Both orders should be here before the end of February,  which should allow us to clear all the back orders.




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New Product Announcements, week ending January 27th 2018 – 8A Decs are Coming Soon!

My first order from 8A Decs is on its way from Mexico, and expected here in about a week.  While 8A certainly specializes in Mexican airliners, they also produce a fairly wide range of decals for some of the more exotic airlines and schemes.

To find them, search “8A144” for 1/144 scale, 8A72 for 1/72 scale, 8A200 for 1/200, 8A48 for 1/48 scales.  You can also find them by clicking “Decals” on the top menu, then “Manufacturer”, then “8A Decs”.  I added over 450 of their decals to the web site last night, so quickest way to look through them is to select “100 per page”, and scroll through.  I have images up for 3 (!!) so far, I’ll add the rest as quickly as I can format and upload them.  My first shipment contains about 60 of their more recent releases, so I will concentrate on adding those first.  If what you want is not in stock, I’ll be placing new orders every Saturday (as I do with DRAW, VFD and TwoSix), and will get them here as quickly as I can.  To wet your appetite, here are a few:

  • 8A144-333 All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8 “First Delivery”
  • 8A144-346 Air Seychelles Airbus A.320
  • 8A144-411 Malaysia Airways Boeing 7377-800 “Negaraku”


TwoSix released a new laser printed decal this week:

  • TS44-871 Malaysia Airlines Airbus A.350-900


Finally, a shipment arrived from BOA Agency Decals – their newest Embraer 195 releases announced some weeks ago are here, along with some restocks and reprints.

Finally, we have a price for the Zvezda Boeing 737-8 MAX kit announced last week.  It is on the website – click ZVE-7026 – to place your order.   Our first batch is expected late March 2018, and pre-release orders will be shipped out as quickly as possible upon its arrival.


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