Pre-Finished & DieCast Models in the Store

I have spent some time this week starting to inventory all the pre-finished diecast metal and plastic models.  I am then updating the store with accurate stock levels, and adding images.  It’s a time consuming process, and so far the following product lines have been completed:

GeminiJets GJ-025-BAW British Airways Concorde

GeminiJets GJ-025-BAW British Airways Concorde

I have not only added images, but found and corrected ‘errors and omissions’ – adding models that were not previously listed, and removing models that are sold out and no longer available.

In the coming weeks and months,  I’ll continue to work on updating the rest of the pre finished model lines.  If there is one you would like me to prioritize, let me know!

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COMAC ARJ21 Flight Testing in Windsor Ontario

The Chinese Commercial Aircraft Company (COMAC) has sent oARJ21ne of their ARJ21 (Advanced Regional Jet for the 21st Century) Xiangfeng (‘Soaring Phoenix’) to Windsor Ontario for flight testing.  Apparently it will spend 2 months chasing clouds to test its ability to fly in natural icing conditions.

See this article in the April 4th Windsor Star for details.  Photo courtesy of the Windsor Star.


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Kit and Decal Trade-Ins

From time to time, I am offered kits and decals in trade against new product.  Just such a shipment arrived on Monday, containing some interesting kits and decals.

RV4214-WAlready listed in th eestore are two each RV4220 A.330-300 (GE engines) with the earlier Airbus ‘house’ scheme decals, and RV4214 Airbus A.340-300 with Lufthansa markings.

I am working on listing 20 different Brazil Decals.  One copy each….  they are as follows, priced at $25 each

  • BD144-009 Alitalia ‘Bulgari’ Boeing 747-200B
  • BD144-031 Sky, EuroCypria, Helios & Travel Service Boeing 737-800
  • BD144-035 Boeing 767-300 – Air Canada, Canadian, Zoom
  • BD144-040 BMI Airbus A.330-200, :Lan Chile Airbus A.340-300
  • BD144-053 Air France, Air France Asia Boeing 747-400 & 777-200
  • BD144-085 Transavia Holland Boeing 737-800 & 757-200, Dutch Bird B.757-200, Air Holland B.757-200
  • BD144-098 Varig, Varig Cargo Boeing 707-320B/C,  727-100C
  • BD144-126 KLM Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo B.747-400F, Dragon Air Cargo B.747-300F *Sold*
  • BD144-169 Caledonian Airbus A320, Air UK Leisure B.737-400, LOT Star Alliance B.737-500, Pacific Blue B.737-800
  • BD144-186 Aero Mexico, ATA ’25th Anniversary’ Boeing 757-200 *Sold*
  • BD144-214 Thai Airways, Thai Star Alliance Boeing 747-400 & MD-11 *Sold*
  • BD144-228 KLM, KLM Asia Boeing 747-400, Martinair Boeing 747-200C
  • BD144-260 Thai Airways Airbus A.330-300 & A.300-600R
  • BD144-264 Air Austral, Kenya Airways, KLM Boeing 777-200
  • BD144-430 Boeing 767-300 – Australian, ANA Universal Studios, Etihad *Sold*
  • BD144-453 United Airlines Boeing 777 & 737-300, UA Star Alliance B.767-300, TED A.320
  • BD144-456 NWA Northwest Airbus A.330-300, A.320, B.747-400, B.757-200
  • BD144-600 Singapore Airlines, SIA Star Alliance Boeing 747-400
  • BD144-660 Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400, B.737-200
  • BD144-865 China Airlines, CAL ‘Touch the Heart’ Boeing 747-400 *Sold*

It will take me some time to get them scanned, the images ready, and listed.  If any of these tickle your fancy, please contact me by email.


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Email Problems

For about the last three weeks, we have been the victim of an email bombardment campaign, that has resulted in thousands of unwanted emails filling our inbox every day, and requiring significant time and effort to rectify.

The result has been that finding the valid emails in this torrent has been very, very difficult.

Luckily, the individual who did this had submitted an order and a message to us that revealed his IP address, and that corresponded to he IP address that some of the “services” I was subscribed to reported as being the source of the subscription.

All of this information has been turned over to the Chandler Police, and I was told would probably be forwarded to the FBI for further action.  Seems such activity across state lines is their ballpark.

I am slowly trying to catch up on the valid emails, will probably take me a few weeks to continue sorting through everything.  My apologies to all who have emailed recently and not received a reply.


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Hasegawa’s Boeing 777-300ER is here!

HAS10718 Boeing 777-300ER ANA Box

Hasegawa’s previously announced Boeing 777-300ER kit, is here!  HAS-10718 with All Nippon Airways markings arrived yesterday (Feb 28th 2014), and pre-orders shipped out today.

A quick inspection of the kit shows that Hasegawa has modified the upper halves of the wings, allowing either a standard or raked wingtip to be installed.  The wingtips are provided on a new sprue, which provides the raked wingtips only, and not a set of standard wingtips.  Two additional new sprues each provide one GE90 engine.

The wings, with their extended and raked wingtips and GE90 engines are interchangeable with a 777-200 fuselage, allowing an accurate -200F or -200LR to be modeled.   Decals are already available by DRAW Decal for the -200F (FedEx, DHL, Thai Cargo, Emirates Sky Cargo, AeroLogic and TNT), and by TwoSix Decals for Lufthansa Cargo.

Update:  The Japan Airlines version of this kit (HAS-10719) arrived March 10th 2014, and again all pre-orders are in the mail.

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Zvezda’s 2014 Announcements

Zvezda has published their 2014 catalog, which includes announcements for their new kits.  1/144 scale airliners include the following, though with no firm indication of exactly when in 2014 these new kits will actually be released.


ZVE7003 again announces an Airbus A.320 kit, to be released with Aeroflot markings.   As the kit number suggests, this kit has been part of Zvezda’s plans for a while now.  All indications are that this is a new kit, and not the Revell kit released under license.  As Aeroflot’s A.320 fleet is CFM56 powered, it is highly likely that these engines will be in the kit.  At this time we can only hope that Zvezda will include IAE V.2500 engines.


ZVE7011 will be an Ilyushin Il.76MD, again with Aeroflot markings.  You may recall that Trumpeter released three different versions of the Il.76 back in the 90′s, and while these were fairly good kits, there is room for improvement.

The third kit ZVE7013-Il62M-Wplanned for 2014 release is ZVE7013 as the Ilyushin 62M, again and predictably with Aeroflot markings.   Of the three kits announced, this one is the most anxiously awaited as it is the first 1/144 scale injection moulded Ilyushin 62 or 62M announced to date.This one should keep our decal makers busy for a while.

And speaking of the Il.62M….  did you know there was an ex CSA airframe (OK-EBG) parked at Maxton-Laurinbug airport in North Carolina?  It was apparently purchased with the intent to use it for charters, but the company that imported it did so without approval from the FAA.  So, it was parked, and had markings added that say it is a “British Aerospace VC-10″ in an attempt to hoodwink the authorities.   There are three photos of it on, click the links to see them.  Photo1 Photo2 Photo3  Does anyone know if it is still there?

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Early build 787′s for sale!

It seems Boeing is having a sale on some of the early build 787-800 jetliners, so if you want to pick one up at (pardon the humour) fire sale prices, here’s your chance!

Click this text to link to the article with the details…

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Hasegawa Boeing 777-300ER is coming!

HAS10718 Boeing 777-300ER ANA Box

Hasegawa has announced two releases of their Boeing 777-300ER kit, both of which should be available shortly.  The kit features the extended and raked winglets, and GE90 engines.

First announced, and should be here first, the kit HAS-10718 with All Nippon Airways markings.

HAS10719 Boeing 777-300ER JALHot in its jet exhaust should be HAS-10719 with Japan Airlines markings.

The wings, with their extended and raked wingtips and GE90 engines are interchangeable with a 777-200 fuselage, allowing an accurate -200F or -200LR to be modelled.   Decals are already available by DRAW Decal in particular for the -200F (FedEx, DHL, Thai Cargo).

I am accepting pre-orders for both kits, they will be shipped as soon as they are available.

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Latest DVD Arrivals from

I received my latest shipment of DVDs from earlier this week.


AHC-057 features 94 minutes of Canadair CT-33 Silver Star footage.  Developed from the Lockheed T-33, and built by Canadair in Montreal, the CT-33 served with the RCAF and CAF from 1953 until 2005 when the last Mk 3 was finally retired.  Many were sold for private use and still more are preserved in museums and as gate guardians across Canada and the U.S.


AHC-057 and AHC-058 feature the action at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport in 2007.

Part One provides 68 minutes of action, including the first arrival of an Airbus A.380


Part Two provides a further 67 minutes of action, including a demonstration flight of the A.380 for the benefit of the local press.  


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New Web Store System

Today I have taken the first step towards making the new web site permanent.  The old site is no longer accessible, and has been shut down.

Unfortunately I was not able to copy across the order history, there was simply no way to do so.  I have verified that all orders submitted through the old system have been printed, and I have printed master lists of all incomplete orders.  I will continue to work towards completing them.  Please, at any time, you are welcome to email me to check the status of those orders.



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