Updated Web Site URLs

As it is time to renew our SSL Certificate (which ensures your private information is encrypted and kept secure), I took the opportunity to update the URL for the store to what I always intended it to be.

The ‘new’ URL for the store is www.airline-hobby-estore.com .

I believe I have updated all the links between this blog system and the store.  If you are seeing any kind of error or misdirect when you click on one of the links (I did), please first try clearing your browser “cookies” – this fixed my problem.  If your problem persists, please let me know.

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Slightly wet and dented 737 fuselages for sale

B737River-3Seems BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) suffered a train derailment today, spilling three Boeing 737 fuselages into the Clark Fork River in Montana.

See this link for more details and photos.

There is no information as to which versions, or the intended customers at this time.  And there is no truth to the rumour that Alaska Airlines in talking to Boeing about adding three airplanes to their Salmon-three-Salmon fleet….  at least….  not yet.

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A little fun…..

Yup…  I’ll admit…   I have a friend who likes to forward links to interesting videos, YouTube and others.  And yes, it can be relaxing to explore ‘what else’ is on the site.

Well…  it seems the San Francisco Globe has a small site similar to YouTube…  I found this one on it.  Of course it’s fake….  but so outrageous you just have to laugh and admire the creativity.

Can a 747 be rolled?  Well…  probably, though I doubt it has been done in real life.  “Tex” Johnson, the Boeing test pilot who flew the 387-80 (aka the mother of all Boeing commercial jets) did roll the 387 prototype high above Puget Sound.  There is photo proof out there….

Click here to enjoy !

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Revell Germany RV3989 Airbus A.350-900 Kit

RV3989-WI have finally received a stock of the new Revell Germany Airbus A.350-900 kit.  It is item number RV3989, and comes with Airbus prototype markings.

The kit is state of the art, with a few new features for Revell.  The kit itself is up to Revell Germany’s usual high standard for detail, features and precision.  A modest cockpit interior is even provided!  The engines….  all I can say is you have to see them to believe them.  Exquisite !   The added features?  First, strips of clear cabin windows are provided, similar to what we used to see with Airfix airliner kits.    Secondly, a sturdy display stand is provided.

RV3989-A350-900-Decal-88The decal was designed by Daco, and printed in Italy (likely by Cartograf, though not specifically identified as such).  The winglet decals deserve particular note, featuring a beautifully rendered colour blend from blue at the tips to grey at the base.  All the fine detail markings are provided as we have come to expect from Daco and Revell.

I won’t comment further on Revell Germany’s distribution in the U.S. except to say they could learn a thing or two from Hornby/Airfix.   Airfix kits are in stock at the distributors, and new orders are quickly filled.  In comparison, the Revell distributor has almost nothing in stock, and we wait months for new shipments.  These are excellent kits, excellent value for the price, and deserve better distribution.


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Airfix re-releases their Boeing 727-200 and 737-200 kits

Airfix has re-released their ever popular 1/144 scale Boeing 727-200 and 737-200 kits with new markings.

AFX-04AFX-04177A-B727-200-AC-W177A is the 727-200, now with Air Canada and Alitalia markings.  



AFXAFX-04178A-B737-200-SW-W-04178A is the 737-200 with Southwest Airlines and Britannia Airways markings.



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May 2014 airlinehobby.com DVD Releases

Airlinehobby.com has released two new aviatiopn DVDs, and both are in stock.

AHC-062AHC-062-Yellowknife-88 features action at Yellowknife, featuring, in Henry’s words “…Air Tindi, Ptarmigan Airways, First Air, NWT Air, Canadian North, Conair and Buffalo Airways.  You’ll see winter, spring, summer and fall operations, including everything from Beavers to Boeings, wheels to floats to skis, airport to float base to water bombers”.  And, again as Henry so eloquently says, “something for everyone, except the “Ice Pilots NWT” drama!

AHS-063 cAHC-063-NWT-737-88ontinues the action in Canada’s far north focusing on the NWT Air Boeing 737-200 fleet, and operations from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.


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Roden Boeing 720B has arrived!

ROD319-B720B-Pan-Am-Box-WRoden has updated their Boeing 720 kit with PW JT3D-1 turbofan engines to accurately model a Boeing 720B.  The first release, ROD319, has been released with Pan American markings.

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Pre-Finished & DieCast Models in the Store

I have spent some time over the last two months conducting a full inventory of all the pre-finished diecast metal and plastic models.  I have updated the store with accurate stock levels, and have added images.  All  product lines have now been completed.

Click to search by Manufacturer – AirlineAircraft  – Scale

GeminiJets GJ-025-BAW British Airways Concorde

GeminiJets GJ-025-BAW British Airways Con

I have not only added images, but found and corrected ‘errors and omissions’ – adding models that were not previously listed, and removing models that are sold out and no longer available.

In the coming weeks and months,  I’ll be adding a fairly extensive list of diecast models that I am selling on behalf of a collector.  You might  find some interesting items !

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COMAC ARJ21 Flight Testing in Windsor Ontario

The Chinese Commercial Aircraft Company (COMAC) has sent oARJ21ne of their ARJ21 (Advanced Regional Jet for the 21st Century) Xiangfeng (‘Soaring Phoenix’) to Windsor Ontario for flight testing.  Apparently it will spend 2 months chasing clouds to test its ability to fly in natural icing conditions.

See this article in the April 4th Windsor Star for details.  Photo courtesy of the Windsor Star.


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Kit and Decal Trade-Ins

From time to time, I am offered kits and decals in trade against new product.  Just such a shipment arrived on Monday, containing some interesting kits and decals.

RV4214-WAlready listed in th eestore are two each RV4220 A.330-300 (GE engines) with the earlier Airbus ‘house’ scheme decals, and RV4214 Airbus A.340-300 with Lufthansa markings.

I am working on listing 20 different Brazil Decals.  One copy each….  they are as follows, priced at $25 each

  • BD144-009 Alitalia ‘Bulgari’ Boeing 747-200B
  • BD144-031 Sky, EuroCypria, Helios & Travel Service Boeing 737-800
  • BD144-035 Boeing 767-300 – Air Canada, Canadian, Zoom
  • BD144-040 BMI Airbus A.330-200, :Lan Chile Airbus A.340-300
  • BD144-053 Air France, Air France Asia Boeing 747-400 & 777-200
  • BD144-085 Transavia Holland Boeing 737-800 & 757-200, Dutch Bird B.757-200, Air Holland B.757-200
  • BD144-098 Varig, Varig Cargo Boeing 707-320B/C,  727-100C
  • BD144-126 KLM Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo B.747-400F, Dragon Air Cargo B.747-300F *Sold*
  • BD144-169 Caledonian Airbus A320, Air UK Leisure B.737-400, LOT Star Alliance B.737-500, Pacific Blue B.737-800
  • BD144-186 Aero Mexico, ATA ’25th Anniversary’ Boeing 757-200 *Sold*
  • BD144-214 Thai Airways, Thai Star Alliance Boeing 747-400 & MD-11 *Sold*
  • BD144-228 KLM, KLM Asia Boeing 747-400, Martinair Boeing 747-200C
  • BD144-260 Thai Airways Airbus A.330-300 & A.300-600R
  • BD144-264 Air Austral, Kenya Airways, KLM Boeing 777-200
  • BD144-430 Boeing 767-300 – Australian, ANA Universal Studios, Etihad *Sold*
  • BD144-453 United Airlines Boeing 777 & 737-300, UA Star Alliance B.767-300, TED A.320
  • BD144-456 NWA Northwest Airbus A.330-300, A.320, B.747-400, B.757-200
  • BD144-600 Singapore Airlines, SIA Star Alliance Boeing 747-400
  • BD144-660 Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 747-400, B.737-200
  • BD144-865 China Airlines, CAL ‘Touch the Heart’ Boeing 747-400 *Sold*

It will take me some time to get them scanned, the images ready, and listed.  If any of these tickle your fancy, please contact me by email.


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