In Memorium: Clint Groves

Earlier today I received the following message from Henry Tenby, that Clint Groves, founder of ATP Airliners America passed away on June 30th 2015.  Clint at ATP, along with the Steve Mason at Victor66, were the original mail order sources for airliner kits and decals, and did so much to start and support this hobby.  Our thoughts are with you, Clint, Rest in Peace.  Again, the words that follow were written by Henry Tenby:

It is with great sadness that I must convey that our friend Clint Groves passed away peacefully in his home in Lake Isabella on Tuesday morning, June 30, 2015.

For the past several weeks Clint was battling kidney failure, which although robbed him of his energy, his spirit remained strong and hopeful until the end. Although he was in hospital a few weeks ago, his final wish was to spend his last days at his home in the company of his cats, and friend and roommate Tammy.

Clint’s only surviving family is his 90 year old Aunt. There are no services planned.

My friendship with Clint dates back to 1983, when I started exchanging slides with Clint whilst in my freshman year at university at UND. In the years since, I have enjoyed many visits to Clint at his home on Abelia Court in San Jose, where he ran his ATP airline slide and model business, as well as seeing him at many airline collectibles shows.

It was wonderful to see Clint at last year’s LAX Airliners International Show, which he happily drove to for a day visit in his sprightly little Fiat. Clint spent half a day at the show speaking with his many friends in the hobby, which is where the photo above was taken.

Clint was a man of unwavering integrity, as honest and as fair as they come, committed to providing his customers with the very best customer service possible. I will always remember Clint with a smile on his face, always with a happy and optimistic outlook. Clint was a great and loyal friend and will be missed by many who knew him.

Jon Proctor and I (Henry Tenby) have been designated to disperse of his personal items and will advise later on how this will take place. In the meantime, Clint’s roommate will not be accepting calls or visitors and has requested that any questions be directed to us.

May Clint rest in peace, and I know I am not alone in saying that our deepest sympathies are with him.

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Die Cast Collection Sale

I have been commissioned by the widow of a good friend to help her sell a fairly substantial part of her late husband’s 1/400 scale diecast model collection.  I think I have added over 100 ‘new’ (actually, most quite old) diecasts to the estore, under the category “Rare Diecast Models”.  Click here to visit the category.

In this category you will find the ‘gems’, the models long sold out elsewhere, and models that even when they were first released, were in high demand and sold out quickly.  So far I am working through the Aeroclassics and GeminiJets, with Phoenix and Dragon Wings to follow as I have time to add them to the site.   As this is a personal collection, I have one each available.

You will find an Aeroclassics United Caravelle, a GeminiJets Delta 747-100 ,and much, much more.  All the models have been inspected and are in excellent condition.

To sweeten the deal, we are offering Free Shipping anywhere in the continental US (lower 48, so except Hawaii and Alaska) by UPS Ground to all diecast orders that include two (or more) “-CS” models, and a minimum order of $200 before shipping.  There is no way to prevent the site quoting a shipping cost when you place the order, but I will refund it when I finalize the invoice.

Good hunting!


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Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 787-900 Kit is here!

The previously announced Hasegawa 1/200 scale Boeing 787-900 kit, with All Nippon markings, is in stock HAS-10721-B787-9-ANA-Box-Wand ready to ship.

Look for item number HAS-10721 in our estore.

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Airfix 03171 Vickers Vanguard kit is in stock

Airfix has re-released their 1/144 scale Vickers VanguarAFX-03171-Vickers-Vanguard-d kit, and it is in stock at AHS.  It has been released with decals for BEA’s iconic ‘Red Square’ livery and with Invicta International markings.  It is kit AFX-03171.

This was always a decent kit, this release being moulded with light grey plastic, and including transparent parts for all the cockpit and cabin windows.  I couldn’t find any flash on either the parts or the sprues, not bad for a 50 year old mould!    The decal is very nicely done, includes all cheat lines, door outlines, etc crisply printed.  The  registration for the BEA (G-APEL) aircraft is printed in white requiring that the black band be painted on the fin.

One disappointment, especially given that Airfix has been working hard to improve a lot of their military re-releases, is that three of the four forward engine cowls continue to be a poor fit the the section of cowl moulded on the wings.  Perhaps on of our resin parts makers will step in with a set that fit a little better?


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eStore Security Update

I have just been advised by Volusion, the ISP that supports and hosts the AHS estore, that they are upgrading the TLS security all such websites by June 30th 2015.

See here for full details.

What does it mean for you, our customer.  You will need to either upgrade your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 11), or update settings in IE 10 or lower if you don’t want to see an unexpected security error message during checkout.  Similar updates are probably needed if you use Chrome, Modzilla, FireFox, or some other browser.

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Airfix 1/72 scale Douglas Dakota Mk.IV is available


The much anticipated new mould Douglas Dakota Mk.IV (aka C.47) is now available.  It is an impressive kit, featuring a reasonably detailed cargo interior, cockpit, ‘weighted’ tires, recessed panel lines, and much more.

The decal provided is for a Dakota in services with BOAC during the second World War, and for a freight aircraft in service with Dan Air London.

Kit number is AFX-08015, click to find it in our estore.

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“New” Eastern Airlines

Eastern 737-800 W N276EAThe first Boeing 737-800(W) for the “new” Eastern Airlines was rolled out of a paint shop at Shannon,  Ireland on November 4th 2014.  It is, apparently, to be delivered to Miami by the first week of December, and will be used to complete FAA certification of the “new” airline.   The first aircraft is registered N276EA and named “Spirit of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker”, it is the first of 10 ordered by Eastern.  Photo by Malcolm Nason, see the full article here.

TS44-724 Eastern_B737-800

Personally, I think it’s great that Eastern has chosen to resurrect the classic scheme, and I am particularly happy to see they have chosen the “wide stripe” look over final scheme that saw the two stripes reduced in height, and placed below the cabin window line.  Quick off the mark, TwoSix has already announced they are releasing the decal in 1/144 scale (TS44-724) .  I am hoping they will also do so in 1/200 scale!

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New Kit Arrivals

Two new kits in stock today!ZVE-7003-A320-W

First, the Zvezda Airbus A.320 kit, with Aeroflot markings has arrived.  Search ZVE-7003.



M14708-KC135R-USAF-Box-WSecond, Minicraft’s KC.135R, with CFM56 engines, is in stock.  See M14708.

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DRAW Decal Boeing P-8A Poseidon Decals

DW44-737-149Draw Decal has released another decal for the Boeing P-8A Poseidon, joining the sets previously released.  Sheet 737-149 is for the US Navy Test and Evaluation Squadrons, VX-1 (Pioneers) and VX-20 (Force).  Both are based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland.

This decal is available in 1/144 scale (DW44-737-149) to fit a converted Revell Germany Boeing 737-800 kit, using the Contrails conversion (CM44-P8A-CONV, now discontinued), or the complete Contrails resin Poseidon kit.  It is also available in 1/200 scale (DW20-737-149) to fit either the Contrails resin kit, or the soon to be released Hasegawa P-8A kit (HAS-10811).

Set 737-44s_737_124P8_B124 is for the first 4 P-8A airframes, the first of which was delivered to VX-20 on April 14th 2010.  It is available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales as DW44-737-124 and DW20-737-124 respectively.



Set 737-142 is for the Indian Navy P-8I Neptune, and is available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales as DW44-737-142 and DW20-737-142  respectively.


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Hasegawa 10811 1/200 scale Boeing P.8A Poseidon Kit

Hasegawa has announced a 1/200 scale Boeing P.8A Poseidon kit, as HAS-10811.  The kit will be released with US Navy VP-16 markings.


According to our distributors, the kit is expected to arrive in stock late February 2015.  It is available for pre-order in our store, and will be shipped as soon as it arrives.


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