Roden Announces the Imminent Release of their 1/144 Scale Vickers/BAC Super VC-10 !

You may wonder why my logo features a profile of a Super VC-10… and those of you who have met me either when I lived in Toronto, or here in Arizona may have noticed the personalized license plate – G-ASGH – on my car.  Reason ROD-313-Super-VC-10-BOAC-Wfor both is that Golf Hotel was the BOAC Super on flight BA567, London Heathrow to Montreal the day I emigrated to Canada from the U.K.  My father photographed it as we taxied to our stand at Dorval that afternoon…. if you look really really carefully you just mightROD329-EAAC-SVC10-W see my face plastered to one of the forward left side cabin windows…  must find that slide….

So, it is with a great deal of excitement that I read of Roden’s imminent release of a 1/144 scale kit of the aircraft.  Two releases are planned – ROD313 as BOAC ‘Speedbird’, and ROD329 as an East African Airways ‘combi’.   No doubt it will be released in British Airways markings and as an RAF tanker guise in the not too distant future.

There is no firm date as yet for their arrival in the U.S., but photographs of the sprues and decals have been circulating.  I just might have to build one or two….

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Hasegawa Airbus A.320 with ‘sharklet’ wingtips

Hasgegawa has releHAS10743-vanilla-A320-Wased kit their Airbus A.320 kit with the new ‘sharklet’ wingtips, as kit HAS-10743.  The kit comes with markings for the Japanese airline Vanilla Air.

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TwoSix Releases Twenty-Four Air India Express Boeing 737-800 Decals

TwoSix has releasedTS44-787_AXR-W twenty-four Air India Express Boeing 737-800 decals.  They are:

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Western Pacific Airlines 1997 Wall Calendar

I recently obtained a Western PacificWP-1997-Calendar-Front-WWP-1997-Calendar-Back-W Airlines 1997 Wall Calendar, featuring 12 of their famous ‘logo jet’ Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

Featured are  The Simpsons, Thrifty Rent-a-Car, Stardust, Broadmoor, Security Service Federal Credit Union, Sam’s Town, Colorado Springs, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Colorado tech, ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Crested Butte, and Purgatory Resort.  Most are ‘in flight’ photos, and some may be “retouched” images.

The calendar measures just over 10 1/2″ by 7 1/4″, and is sealed in clear plastic.

You can find it as WP-1997 in the online store.  Click on the item number or either image.

And as a reminder, decals for most of these aircraft were produced by Daco Skyline, and can be found in our estore.  Search SK1403 or SK2003 to find them!



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Airfix Re-Releases the Dh.106 Comet 4B

AAFX04176-Dh-Cpmet-4B-BEA-Boirfix has re-released their 1/144 scale Dh.106 Comet 4B as AFX-04176.   This release comes with BEA Airtours ‘speedjack’ markings (easily modified to straight BEA markings) along with Olympic Airways.

Airfix has taken the opportunity to make some improvements to the kit.  Gone are the cutouts for the cabin windows, they are now supplied on the decal sheet.   A clear windshield is provided.  Airfix also still includes a nice set of Airstairs with this kit.  I’m not certain, but there are now only two cabin doors to install (were there 4 previously?), and no lower baggage doors.  Has Airfix removed these as welAFX04176-Dh-Cpmet-4B-BEA-D-l?  I will have to dig one of my older Comet kits out of storage to compare.  One vestige of the earlier kits is the little punch for piercing the decal over the cabin windows is still provided.

Since Humbrol bought the company a few years ago, Airfix has done a very good job of re-releasing the kits with significantly improved decals, and in a few cases, improvements to the kits.  Hats off to Airfix!  Can we perhaps hope that a new airliner kit will appear sometime soon?

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Minicraft M14707 Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker

The long anticipated Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker kit has been released by Minicraft as kit M14707.  This release completes their series of KC-135 kits which includes the JT3D powered KC-135E (M14627M14707-KC135A-USAF-Box-W)  and CFM 56 powered KC-135R (M14708).

This kit comes with the Pratt & Whitney J-57-P-59W turbojet engines, as fitted to all the KC-135A’s when they were first delivered.   Markings are provided for two USAF aircraft.

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New BOA Agency Decal Releases

BOA has released, and we have added 16 new decals to our web site.  They are:

Click on the product number to be taken into the estorefor each item.

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Revell Germany 1/72 Scale Douglas C.54

RV04877-WThe new 1/72 scale Douglas C.54 (DC-4) has arrived, and if the pre-release photos were mouth watering, the actual kit is beyond expectations.  It features incredible detail, inside and out.  It will be interesting to see how much of it is visible once the model is assembled.

It’s in stock, see RV4877.

Many of our favourite decal makers have promised to release decals for this magnificent kit over the coming months.  TwoSix has already released two, and Vintage Flyer is planning to adapt their existing C.54 and DC-4 decals to properly fit this kit.

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FRsin Restocks and New Items

I have a new shipment on its way from France, containing restocks and new releases of FRsin injection moulded plastic kits.  New kits include the Martin 202 and 404 and the L.649/749 Constellations.

L.649/749/C-121 ConstellationFR-P4061-L649-Constellation

Martin 202, Martin 404

Restocks include Viscount 700 and 800, ATR72, Convair 880 and Convair 990.

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Roden VC-140B Jetstar, United States of America is in stock

As has become the tradition with Roden, tROD324-VC-140B-USofA-Box-Whey have re-released their 1/144 scale Lockheed Jetstar 6 kit with new markings.  ROD324 comes with a decal for the markings carried by six airframes allocated by the USAF as executive transports, and painted with ‘United States of America’ titles.

Often used by senior cabinet, the ROD324-VC140B-USofA-decal-WVP and the President, these aircraft have served as ‘Air Force One’ many times in their flying career.


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