Hasegawa Announces their 1/200 scale Boeing 787-900 Kit

l_HAS10721Hasegawa has announced the release of a 1/200 scale Boeing 787-900 kit, which the US distributors expect to be available late May 2015.   The first release, HAS-10721, will be in All Nippon markings.

We are accepting pre-orders, please click HAS-10721 to quickly access it in our estore.

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DRAW Decal Sale

DRAW Decal Sale !DRAW-NextGen-Logo
​​DRAW Decal has announced ‘Digital Silk Next Generation’, apparently an improvement over their ‘Classic’ Digital Silk printed decals.  I have a substantial stock of the older decals in stock, and these are ALL ON SALE at a 25% discount.

At time of posting this message, I have no decals in stock printed by the new printer.  I will shortly be placing a new order, hopefully to be here late March.  Unfortunately I cannot afford the time to go through over 1800 decals and update the specific sheets in stock and therefore available at discount, so here’s how this will work.  If you order a DRAW Decal on or after January 27th 2015, I will automatically give you the discount if I ship the older decal.  The older decals have a circular black logo that says “Digital Silk”.  If I ship the newer decal, with DRAW’s new insignia (show above), it will be sold at the regular price.  If you have a DRAW Decal on back order, it will be printed by the new process.  If you do not want the older decal, please specifically tell me so in the comments section of your order.

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“New” Eastern Airlines

Eastern 737-800 W N276EAThe first Boeing 737-800(W) for the “new” Eastern Airlines was rolled out of a paint shop at Shannon,  Ireland on November 4th 2014.  It is, apparently, to be delivered to Miami by the first week of December, and will be used to complete FAA certification of the “new” airline.   The first aircraft is registered N276EA and named “Spirit of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker”, it is the first of 10 ordered by Eastern.  Photo by Malcolm Nason, see the full article here.

TS44-724 Eastern_B737-800

Personally, I think it’s great that Eastern has chosen to resurrect the classic scheme, and I am particularly happy to see they have chosen the “wide stripe” look over final scheme that saw the two stripes reduced in height, and placed below the cabin window line.  Quick off the mark, TwoSix has already announced they are releasing the decal in 1/144 scale (TS44-724) .  I am hoping they will also do so in 1/200 scale!

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New Kit Arrivals

Two new kits in stock today!

First, the Zvezda Airbus A.320 kit, with Aeroflot markings has arrived.  Search ZVE-7003.

Second, Minicraft’s KC.135R, with CFM56 engines, is in stock.  See M14708.

Further details, including box scans, will be added early next week.

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DRAW Decal Boeing P-8A Poseidon Decals

DW44-737-149Draw Decal has released another decal for the Boeing P-8A Poseidon, joining the sets previously released.  Sheet 737-149 is for the US Navy Test and Evaluation Squadrons, VX-1 (Pioneers) and VX-20 (Force).  Both are based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland.

This decal is available in 1/144 scale (DW44-737-149) to fit a converted Revell Germany Boeing 737-800 kit, using the Contrails conversion (CM44-P8A-CONV, now discontinued), or the complete Contrails resin Poseidon kit.  It is also available in 1/200 scale (DW20-737-149) to fit either the Contrails resin kit, or the soon to be released Hasegawa P-8A kit (HAS-10811).

Set 737-44s_737_124P8_B124 is for the first 4 P-8A airframes, the first of which was delivered to VX-20 on April 14th 2010.  It is available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales as DW44-737-124 and DW20-737-124 respectively.



Set 737-142 is for the Indian Navy P-8I Neptune, and is available in 1/144 and 1/200 scales as DW44-737-142 and DW20-737-142  respectively.


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Hasegawa 10811 1/200 scale Boeing P.8A Poseidon Kit

Hasegawa has announced a 1/200 scale Boeing P.8A Poseidon kit, as HAS-10811.  The kit will be released with US Navy VP-16 markings.


According to our distributors, the kit is expected to arrive in stock late February 2015.  It is available for pre-order in our store, and will be shipped as soon as it arrives.


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New Decals Added !

I have added more than 280 recently released decals from DRAW Decal, TwoSix and Vintage Flyer Decals this weekend.  I’m continuing to work to add the images for them, this will probably take a week.

New decals can most easily be found by browsing the “Latest Decal ArTS44-688_PSA_L1011rivals” tab on the left side navigation menu.  Or, you can click here!


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Updated Web Site URLs

As it is time to renew our SSL Certificate (which ensures your private information is encrypted and kept secure), I took the opportunity to update the URL for the store to what I always intended it to be.

The ‘new’ URL for the store is www.airline-hobby-estore.com .

I believe I have updated all the links between this blog system and the store.  If you are seeing any kind of error or misdirect when you click on one of the links (I did), please first try clearing your browser “cookies” – this fixed my problem.  If your problem persists, please let me know.

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Slightly wet and dented 737 fuselages for sale

B737River-3Seems BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) suffered a train derailment today, spilling three Boeing 737 fuselages into the Clark Fork River in Montana.

See this link for more details and photos.

There is no information as to which versions, or the intended customers at this time.  And there is no truth to the rumour that Alaska Airlines in talking to Boeing about adding three airplanes to their Salmon-three-Salmon fleet….  at least….  not yet.

Update 10/21/2014:  Apparently all the fuselages that derailed have been scrapped.  Boeing, and probably their insurers, are not willing to deal with the potential for legal problems should one of them ever be involved in any kind of incident.

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A little fun…..

Yup…  I’ll admit…   I have a friend who likes to forward links to interesting videos, YouTube and others.  And yes, it can be relaxing to explore ‘what else’ is on the site.

Well…  it seems the San Francisco Globe has a small site similar to YouTube…  I found this one on it.  Of course it’s fake….  but so outrageous you just have to laugh and admire the creativity.

Can a 747 be rolled?  Well…  probably, though I doubt it has been done in real life.  “Tex” Johnson, the Boeing test pilot who flew the 387-80 (aka the mother of all Boeing commercial jets) did roll the 387 prototype high above Puget Sound.  There is photo proof out there….

Click here to enjoy !

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