New Product Announcements, week ending August 14th 2022

26Decals has had a busy week!

TS44-1​145 Qatar Airways Airbus A.380-800

  • TS44-1146 Icelandair ‘Magenta’ Boeing 737-MAX8
  • TS44-1147 Icelandair ‘Golden Yellow’ Boeing 737-MAX8
  • TS44-1148 Icelandair ‘Sky Blue’ (aka ‘Crisp Blue’) Boeing 737-MAX8
  • TS44-1149 Icelandair ‘Green’ Boeing 737-MAX8

TS44-1150 Icelandair ‘Boreal Blue’ Boeing 737-MAX8

TS44-​1151 Invicta International Douglas C.54A (DC-4)

DRAW Decal has returned from their well earned vacation, and has released the following new decals.

DW44-​A3N-108 DW20​-​A3N-108 German Air Force Luftwaffe VIP Airbus A.321NEO

DW44-DC9​-065 DW​20-DC9-065  Mexicana Click OneWorld Boeing 717-200

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