New Product Announcements, week ending April 3rd 2022

26Decals, Vintage Flyer Decals and DRAW Decal have all been busy this week.

First, from 26Decals . The Kras Air, Malev, Pan American, Trans International and Air Canada sheets are laser printed versions of previously released screen printed decals.

TS44-1​101 JAT Jugoslav Aerotransport Boeing 727-200ADV

  • TS44-0967 Middle East Airlines Vickers VC-10
  • TS44-1102 Air Canada (delivery cs) Boeing 747-100

TS44-​1105 Malev Tupolev 134A

TS44-​1107 Thy Turkish Airlines Boeing 727-200ADV

  • TS44-11​10 Pan American (‘billboard’ cs) Boeing 747-121A

TS44-1​115 Trans International Airlines McDD DC-10-30CF

Vintage Flyer has released three new decals for the 1/72 scale Bandai Namc YS-11A kit. No, the kit has not been re-released, however they do pop up on eBay from time to time.

DRAW Decal has released three new airliner sets this week:

DW44-75​7-067 DW20​-757-067 PACE Airlines Boeing 757-200

DW44-​737-194 DW20-7​37-194 DW72​-​737-194 DW10-​7​37-194 PACE Airlines Boeing 737-200

DW44-E​170-014 DW10-E1​70-014 Crossair Embraer 170

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