New Product Announcements, week ending August 15th 2021

DRAW Decal announced the release of another decal for the 1/144 scale Eastern Express Airbus A.220-300:

DW44-A220-008 JetBlue ‘Hops’ Airbus A.220-300

It is also available packaged with the Eastern Express kit:

  • AHK4-BCS3-JB Airbus A.220-300, JetBlue ‘Hops’
  • AHK4-BCS3-JB-ST Airbus A.220-300, JetBlue ‘Hops’, with 8ADecs A.220 General Stencil decal

Next, DRAW has released a new decal for the Twin Otter:

Final DRAW release is an interesting one for the Saab 340B:

DW44-SF340-011 DW72-SF340-011 Castle Aviation ‘PuppySpot’ Saab 340B

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