The Zvezda Airbus A.320NEO Kit is Here!

The Zvezda A320NEO has finally arrived at the US distributors, and are in stock. Here’s a quick ‘box review’.

ZVE-​7037 Airbus A.320NEO, SAS

The kit includes a detailed cockpit, the option to have the ‘L1’ door in the open position, a separate rudder, optional extended or retracted leading edge slats, and option extended or stowed trailing edge flaps.

As previously described, the kit includes both PW PW1100G-JM and CFM International LEAP-1A engines. The decal is for SAS, and as such uses the CFM engine. The PW’s go to the spares box. The engines are a work of art, with two separate fan disks ahead of a ring of stator vanes. Th e main cowl is in three pieces – left, right and a separate cowl leading edge.

The landing gear gives the option for both extended (in flight) or compressed (on the ground) oleos. I’ve never seen that in an airliner kit!

Clear cockpit and cabin windows are provided, along with a display stand.

Consequently the kit the option to be built in three configurations: Version 1 is in flight, with the gear up, flaps and slats retracted. Version 2 is on the ground, with compressed landing gear oleos and your choice of flaps and slats extended. Optionally the L1 door can be modelled open, with a small vestibule visible through the open door. Version 3 is either take-off or landing (not sure the flap angle is why the question), with gear down (extended oleos), and with leading edge and flaps extended.

In summary, the flap and slat options make for some interesting diorama possibilities. They could, however, be a bit fiddly if you want to build a row of them. As ,said, the landing gear leg options are something I’ve never seen before, and adds an element of realism to a gear down flying model.

Enjoy !

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