Zvezda’s Plans for 2021

I was recently sent an email with an image of a page from Zvezda’s 2021 catalog. It shows 5 new airliner kits…. one I know will be in high demand.

I suspect the An.225 will be licensed releases of the recent Revell Germany kit…. but then perhaps not. After all, Zvezda did produce their own 747-8I mould.

The Airbus narrowbodies while duplicating recent Revell releases, are most likely new moulds.

The A.350 is undoubtedly a new fuselage and landing gear moulds paired with their existing wing, tail, engine moulds from their previously released A.350-1000. Will be interesting to see if they modify the wings, as they are the same span, but 40cm less chord, giving an area 22 square meters smaller.

As more details become available, I will post news here, and will add the kits to my estore as release dates get a little closer. Now, how many 757’s am I going to be building??

Update July 3rd 2021:

The Airbus A.321 is in stock, and the Boeing 757-200 is expected shortly. Please click the item number for a direct link to our estore where you can place your order. Thanks!

  • ZVE-7035 Antonov An.225
  • ZVE-7039 Airbus A.350-900
  • ZVE-7040 Airbus A.321CEO

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