26Decals Will be Re-Stocked

A year ago, 26Decals announced that they were discontinuing their excellent series of laser printed decals affective November 1st 2019. Ray was starting a new full time position, and did not believe he would have the free time to properly support the laser decals. Then, in the spring of 2020, he announced he was bringing them back, though he would still not be selling to other retailers. He has continued to produce new artwork, and has added some interesting new decals.

Well, Good News! He has agreed to resume selling them to me, and in fact my first shipment left the UK today. With it, I am stocking all the new laser decals released this year, along with a selection to start re-stocking his previous releases. Also in the package are all the new Screen Printed (STS) decals announced previously.

All told, there are 58 new 1/144 scale, 2 new 1/100 scale, and 9 new 1/72 scale laser decals on their way. They have all been added to the estore and are available to order.

Here is a link that will bring you to a page in the estore that lists them all. Some sheet number have, as of yet, not been used, these show as “Not Allocated” in the list. Perhaps one day we will see what Ray has in the works using these numbers.

Also…. 26Decals has now passed the 1,000 mark in their 1/144 scale laser printed decals. In order to keep “sort order” working correctly, I am changing all 26Decals 1/144 scale decal numbers to 4 digits. Hence what was TS44-912 is now TS44-0912. This will take a while to complete (each one has to be re-numbered manually), so if you are searching for a 26Decal decal by number, you might want to search by both the 3 digit and 4 digit product number.

26Decals Latest Releases

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