New Product Announcements, week ending September 6th 2020

Personal note: 51 years ago (Sept 6th 1969) my family and I flew London Heathrow to Montreal Dorval on a BOAC flight 567, operated that day by Super VC-10 G-ASGH. How time flies. Sadly it was not one of the airframes converted to a tanker for the RAF, and was scrapped in 1987. I do have a rather nice slide of it though, taken by my father as we turned in to our arrival gate that sunny afternoon. Fast forward, and September 6th 2014 Carolynn said “yes” when I proposed that evening. So a special day.

Well, last week was a dud for new releases…. good new is this week gave us some nice new decals.

8ADecs announced the following new 1/144 and 1/200 scale decals:

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